Reflective Essay on Research Strategies

Paper Type:  Research paper
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  633 Words
Date:  2022-05-16


Modern libraries are no longer about lending books and sending away noisy people who do not appreciate the establishments as learning hubs and economic incubators. In the course of obtaining the necessary resources for my research paper, I visited different libraries and noticed that they have evolved into architectural landmarks with creative space for individuals and teams or study groups alike. Above all, library research proved to be the best source for the information that I needed because it gave me a sense of time. Starting my research and finishing at a specific time seethed my cognitive and physical abilities into a time frame - enabling me to cover more ground within a short time.

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Research Strategy

I used an integrated approach to the research findings because as this was one of the viable ways for me to research with the provided time-frame without compromising quality. The Analytical approach was meant to help me understand the principal tenets of the entire project. In addition to this, taking an analytical angle during the research process gave me the impetus to widen my scope of knowledge, and this brought on more thematic attributes to my work. The augmentative approach enabled me to stress my points in ways that gave the paper an authoritative voice. The third strategy was the expository approach which provided allowed me to lay down my ideas chronologically.

Library Resources

The library staff was supportive throughout the research period. They were always willing to show me where to find the research tools and resources that enabled me to piece my final paper together. One of them, mainly, taught me how to manipulate keywords for my online search endeavors. This was useful because it helped in overcoming the most significant challenge not being able to find specific book titles. Many of these were books that are currently only available in softcopy because book publishers do not roll them out anymore. The library's database had a lot of materials on research organization strategies that are designed to help avoid confusion.

The nature of the information that I found in the library archives was mind-raking and exciting at the same time. Subsequently, I was able to think outside the box, giving me the creative space that I needed to approach issues from various angles. In most part, this would not have been possible if I did not have access to the number of research tools that I found in the library. I used video footage, some of which are not available online. Audio-books and vast volumes of peer-reviewed research papers and journals were also available an extended side industry magazines and books from all ages. The ideas gathered from these resources were significant in shaping and reshaping the context of my research topic without losing focus on the intended literary objective.

It was easy to identify the citation style that I wanted to use for the project because there were elaborate library materials on citation topics. I found MLA flexible and adaptable given the fact that I was in search of authoritative references with up-to-date information. The reference selection criteria that I used made realize that my line of study was shrouded in myths and half-truths.


Going for reputable sources was subsequently the best way to keep on the right track, avoid rumor and to stick to valuable facts and figures. I also learn how to deploy different writing strategies and styles. The guidelines that I found in the library became my fountain of success especially when it comes to composing the final copy. Given a chance to undertake the research process again, I will not change the approach though I would be open-minded to learn new tricks and research skills. There is always something new to grasp even in a repeat process.

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