Reflection Essay on Team Project Work

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Date:  2022-12-10

In most cases, team project involves the project manager who has the responsibility of leading the entire project team. Usually, team managers ensure that there is the availability of everything needed to work on the tasks into completion (Hilbert & Lopez, 2011). There are also project stakeholders that include contractees, customers, project staff, internal and external providers, as well as partners (Avgerou, 2010). During my career, I have been engaged in various collaborative problem solving processes, both in the online platforms and face-to-face. I am a specialist in communication and ICT policy planning, and as a result, I have been interested in carrying out or engaging in ICT and communication-related project. With the growth of digital technology, I have enjoyed being in collaboration with various teams locally and internationally, doing various projects related to Information Communication Technology. Towards the end of last year, I engaged in the project that involved designing the communication program that was to connect the employees in an organization. The project consisted of the manager, programmers, planners, and the internet and networking professionals. I was among the networking experts who had the responsibility of ensuring the flow of information from one office or department to the other.

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During the project, I worked in collaboration with the management, the programmers, and the planners to ensure that success of the project. My specific responsibility was to configure various devices from mobile phones to computers to ensure they read the same information from different sources. To ensure that I achieved the roles assigned to me, I engaged in effective communication with other team members to confirm that I was on the right path. Additionally, I ensured connection with the top level management and the planners so that I could be sure that the product being made was in line with the needs of the organization.

The main goal of the project was to establish a system that would connect people in an organization; this was to ensure effective and faster communication among the members of the organization. Another goal of the project was to establish a modern system that is secure and protected from any form of hackings. The planning of the project involved taking into consideration various factors raised by the organization. At the initial phase, the team identified the problems that the organization was facing in terms of communication and transfer of files. Second, there was an identification of a possible solution to these problems as well as the gathering of appropriate tools that would be required in the project. The final planning stage involves gathering team members and assigning duties in accordance with expertise. With my skills and expertise, I was assigned to the networking position to undertake configuration processes.


In the end, there was a successful outcome of the project. The development of the system became successful. In other words, the communication system was able to transmit the information as required. With the system, there was an effective transfer of files and other forms of communication. The advantage of working with the group was that there were consultations to ensure clarifications on some of the issues that were not clear, there was also a faster flow of work processes. With the effective operation of the team, the project was delivered ahead of the time. However, the disadvantage of the group was that people were more committed and there was no time for social interaction.


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