Questions on Management Concepts

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Difference between a tall and flat organisational structure.

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A tall organization structure has many hierarchy levels meaning there are many managers in the organisation hence each department has a manager. They tend to be rigid during decision-making, as every manager must be consulted.

A flat organization structure has few levels meaning there are few managers and few staff hence easy decision making.

Benefits of a flat organisation structure.

A flat organisation structure is cost effective as it has few employees hence less wages and salary related expenses hence the company can have a lot of savings. This structure promotes faster decision-making as it is easier to consult few employees in order to make a decision. This structure also requires less supervision as each staff is responsible with their work. Flat structure allows clear communication as information can easily be passed from one employee to another because they are few.

Difference between planning, controlling, and decision making in management.

Planning is the setting up of objectives and methods of how they should be achieved. As an example, a firm can evaluate a manufacturing process and find a way on how to reduce various costs to increase profits.

Controlling to access how implementation of strategies have been done and what can be corrected for the success of the firm. Problems must be evaluated and strategies to be evaluated and then implemented. As an example is in a firm, which had problems with employees turnover and the management must control this by identifying the problem and what its solution is.

Decision-making is a process of evaluating many solution alternatives and choosing the best from the many. As an example is a company, which wants to reduce the cost of their products so they have to analyse all costs of the process and decide on what should be cut-off.

Information as a means of competitive strategy.

Information will help a company enhance differentiation, because when one knows what his or her competitors are offering they will be able to offer better services than they will. Also passing information about a product is giving information hence it will increase the competition in the market, as a well-advertised product will have more customers than a product, which is not even advertised. Moreover, knowing who your customers are and what they want is also very important, as you will always aim at satisfying their wants.

Meaning of database management.

Database management system is a computer software that retrieves analyses and stores data for future use. Users can easily create, retrieve, and update any information using this software.

Benefits of database management system to an organisation.

Database management system has helped the apple company in minimising data inconsistency as they keep data of all phones which they manufacture hence data is managed and can easily be accessed. In addition, their loyal customers are always updated in case of any new product in the market from their company as they will update it in their database. Effective data integration in the company as one can see how the operations are running. Faster decision making with a good database as all the information will be available to be analysed for a decision to be made.

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