Positive You-View Point Request

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Date:  2022-05-23


It has always been the company's will to ensure that all its employees are working in a comfortable environment within the organization. However, our terms of service have never extended to providing that an employee has a conducive operation right from home. Lucky enough, our operations manager held a crisis meeting yesterday to discuss on essential matters in the organization and had a chance to listen to your situation about difficulty working conditions because of babysitting roles. It was discovered that babysitting is an essential role in human life but which can be delegated to someone else to perform the task. After a thorough analysis of your situation, the company concluded that in one way or the other, you might be lacking enough finances to pay for someone to babysit. Therefore, you are lucky your proposal is halfway accepted, and you should be ready to be flexible in your undertakings.

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The required working conditions were therefore set to ensure that the company and you at large maintain their values. Additionally, the company's profits are to stick to integrity thus some directives will be set upon your request to work at home for some time until your child attains an age where they can be left with someone else to babysit. The grant comes with strict adherence to working logistics since it is unacceptable to let an employee work from home for more than a year.

On the other hand, the organization is at this moment asking you to draft a working schedule that you think is suitable for you while undertaking duo roles of babysitting and working for the company. The working schedule will be the one that will determine the acceptability of the proposal to the operations manager. While you receive this later, your application is a unique one; thus you will be required to work according to the directions that will be set forth to enhance agreement between you and the company's operations manager. This letter is to give you an overview of your request and the position it is at the organization; however, its acceptability will be connected to the workability of your schedule with the company while undertaking your roles at home. You should be aware that the company upholds integrity thus you will be required to stick to the set standards of the working conditions set upon your requests.


The operations manager will sign your working schedule in acceptance of the working criteria that you will present to him. All you need to do is to develop a proper working time while you undertake the roles of a babysitter at home together with the way you will avoid lateness of performing your tasks whenever your baby over requires your attention. Additionally, be aware that your application and request for working at home was accepted regarding the certain roles that all humans are affiliated with. However, the company's objectives and core values do not tolerate lack of integrity thus your working conditions will smoothly be accepted when you keep your promise of delivering your service in the best way you can in spite of working at home and alluding to duo roles. You will also be required to be made to the company as a way of maintaining your connection with the operations set upon your request. All that the company wishes to announce to you is that it is highly affiliated towards ensuring satisfaction of employees and it must enhance the best working conditions for all its employees.

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