Public Payments Questions and Answers Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-06

Q 1: What is the complete citation of this statute? (1 mark)

It is the practice of handing and referrals to authority in the documents competent and various sources.

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Q 2: What existing statutes were amended by this legislation? (3 marks)

a. Increase in the minimum wage to $14.00 in an hour with also climb of $ 15.00 an hour over a year.

b. Changes in the right presented to precarious workers that attempt to rectify past abuses to employers and contractors.

c. Restriction of employees schedules as precedented by employers and permission of senior employee to request the change of schedule.

Q 3: What new statutory leaves were created in this statute and what is each one designed to provide leave for? (Explain in your own words) (8 marks)

Personal emergency leave is available to all employees, not just employees with 50 or more employees. There will also be a minimum of 10 days of personal emergency leave (requirements for paid work will be available one week later). Your employer also cannot claim medical records for personal emergency leave use. (Rahal, C. 2018)A new domestic or sexual violence law gives employees or their children the right to have domestic violence or sexual violence. (Including threats) up to 15 weeks must be paid for five days. The Act creates the right to an overnight stay for employees who die from any cause for a period of up to 104 weeks. This Act also increases the right to leave unpaid work for the disappearance of children. Crimes related to the crime for up to 104 weeks. The act increases the amount of leave that is available under maternity leave, family leave, and maternity leave, where an employee suffers an abortion or childbirth. The Act expands access to significant sick leave, including situations where an employee must care for a sick family member, not just only children.

Q 4: Which section of the statute creates a rule of equal pay for equal work, regardless of the employee's status as a temp worker? (1 mark)

Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA)

Q 5: Which section of the statute officially recognizes "family day" as a statutory holiday that receives holiday pay? (1 mark)

The Nova Scotia Transitional Bill 15.

Q 6: Which section of the statute requires an employer to provide an employee with at least two paid sick days per year? (1 mark)

Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA).

Q 7: Jaffer is a server at Milestones Restaurant. He usually works Monday to Friday from 5-10 pm for the dinner rush. Last Tuesday he came to work and at 6 pm his manager told him that business was slow and he should go home. Jaffer worked for one hour that day. How many hours should he be paid for under the legislation? Please cite a specific section of the law to support your answer. (2 marks)

Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA), Guaranteed 3-hour pay at a normal rate when the change is lower than set as long as the employee regularly works more than 3 hours a day or when the shift is less than 48 hours before the scheduled time.

Q 8: What changes occurred to the existing vacation entitlement when this law came in to effect? Summarize the law regarding vacations. (5 marks)

The Act makes certain changes to existing ESA rights available: Employees who work for the same employer for 5 years receive a minimum of 3 weeks of paid leave while the next two weeks. (Rahal, C. 2018). In cases where an employee works for the same employer in multiple positions, overtime pay will be paid at the rate he worked during overtime

Q 9: Which section of the legislation provides that when a dispute arises as to whether a person is a contractor or an employee, the burden of proof will rest on the? (1 mark)

LRA amendments

Q 10: Which section of the legislation will allow an employer to currently pay students under the age of 18 $13.15 per hour. (1 mark)

Employment standards act, 2000 and the labor relations act, 1995.


Rahal, C. (2018). The Keys to Unlocking Public Payments Data. Kyklos, 71(2), 310-337.

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