Psychological Science in the Public Interest Article Review Paper Example

Paper Type:  Article review
Pages:  4
Wordcount:  930 Words
Date:  2022-10-19

Author(s): C. Graesser, Stephen M. Fiore, Samuel Greiff, Jessica Andrews-Todd, Peter W. Foltz, Friedrich W. Hesse

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Date of Publication: Nov, 28, 2018

Name of Journal: Psychological Science in the Public Interest

Title of Article: Advancing the Science of Collaborative Problem Solving

The article talk dos Collaborating problem-solving (CPS), in which it argues that the tool has become popular around the world, more so, due to the increasing population. But the knowledge about CPS is not known to the new recruits in the job market. This can be proved to form the study which was conducted in the year 2015 in which it found out that most of the people being low proficient in the CPS, as per Program for Intentional Student Assessment (PISA) (Graesser et al., 2018). This study not only showcases a gap in the society but also expound and the need of psychologist to exploring by researching more about CPS, on what can be done to boost CPS efficiency.

What Is Collaborative Problem Solving?

The authors speak of a group having the ability in solving a problem, in which they have to set aims, however, the goals have no prior scripts and it unable to be solved by an individual. Hence this showcases the group goal, which can be solved by the use of CPS.

Still, CPS can be sued in evaluating the quality of the solution while solving the problem. This makes it more deferent than the use of collaborating learning, as using CPS will enable the members to identify any progress in the problem-solving. Collaborative learning only helps individuals in learning a subject, with the help of collaboration, but it is an issue for any problem to be solved. Thirdly, plays different roles in the individuals of the group, who have shared different chores, however pursuing in solving the same project. This means that each individual will have a specific task rather than the group concurring the same problem.

Why Does Society Need to Improve CPS Proficiency?

The article shows that human social systems are becoming more complex, hence the more complex problems are existing, therefore the need of the CPS (Graesser et al., 2018). The increase in technology has enabled the improvement in collaborative problem solving, hence it will help in countering any complex problem.

CPS Theoretical Frameworks

The authors suggest that the main aim of this tool is demolishing the cultural ways of individual solving of a problem in using a group in solving more complex problems. The authors still suggest that CPS will use eth help of collaborative communication and social aspects, and secondly the use of cognition in problem-solving. However, the tool will also sue individual problem solving however it will be kept public in which all members must be informed, as it will help in with the success of the team.

However, the authors still show that CPS has challenges, in which can be exhibited in different levels of the problem-solving. One of the problems is in the task work, in which is accessing of the information, combining and also its evaluation. Other challenges as per the authors, arises from coming up with plans and also keeping in-track on achieving their goal.

The article showcases the importance of CPS and how it helps in contributing in the Psychological Sciences. However, before implementing of the CPS, there are challenges and critics which challenges its ability of CPS in solving complex problems, the articles also address and references a number of frameworks which have already been implemented globally. However, globally, it showcases a deficit of CPS, in which may call upon psychologist on researching more about CPS, in order to develop ease in complex problem-solving. Still, the article tries to celebrate the use of technology which will help in the training and implementation of the CPS tool.

Critique and Discussion

The article is amazing as it is trying to solve a scientific psychology problem, which is solving of problems, more so the complex one (Graesser et al., 2018). The CPS works as vital still when it comes to the community, as it will help the team work become achievable. Technology is advancing with the modern world, which makes problems become more complicated. However, with the integration of collaborative problem solving with technology will surpass the complex problems. CPS skill will make it more efficient, effective and innovative when it comes to solving the complex problems. However, the skills cannot be beneficial if the world is not in knowledge, in which calls for more research. In 2015 only 8 percent of the students had efficient CPS skills, which shows small number, hence the need for awareness around the world, more so in the tertiary education. The CPS knowledge will help the global economy rise, as the workforce will be able to understand any shred information, be accountable for, individual role player and also bring interdependency in the team members, in which will help to solve the problem.

From the article, it is obliged that, the CPS training is lacking the curricula. The education institutions should integrate the training in their curriculum. In which will help the student experience in becoming more efficient in communication and group work. The students learning these skills will help in effective learning and teamwork. The skills will help in improving the society, in all sectors, be business, agriculture and social factors.


Fischer, A., Greiff, S., & Funke, J. (2012). The process of solving complex problems.

Graesser, A. C., Fiore, S. M., Greiff, S., Andrews-Todd, J., Foltz, P. W., & Hesse, F. W. (2018). Advancing the science of collaborative problem solving. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 19(2), 59-92.

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