Psychiatrists: Medical Experts in Mental Health Care - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-21


A psychiatrist is known to be trained medical doctors who are experts in dealing with mental health problems. Their specialization is in diagnosing and giving medication to people who have a mental illness. A psychiatrist is a person with a more profound understanding of mental health and physical health and how the two affect each other. Some mental health conditions dealt with by a psychiatrist include depression, addiction, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Concerning the prisoners, a psychiatrist asses prisoners all their physical and mental symptoms, where later diagnoses and develops a plan for recovery and treatment. However, prisoners who have been realized from jail should seek mental and psychological advice from a psychiatrist. This is because there the prisoner needs to pass through electroconvulsive therapy. Some goals and purposes of a psychiatrist to a prisoner are listed below.

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Prisoners are people who are held in police cells for specified duration according to mistakes one has done. After being realized from jail, the best way to do is to visit a psychiatrist for electroconvulsive therapy. The first purpose why a prisoner needs a psychiatrist is adjusting major life problems, life changes, or stress. A prisoner deserves to be listened to and talked to relieve stress. Different problems affect their minds, and some even have suicidal thoughts. To relive all these, a psychiatrist is needed to counsel and alleviate their mental issues.

Prisoners are also depressed and have low moods that lower their mental health. This is a problem that is commonly found and experienced by many prisoners. Psychiatrist counsels them and helps relieves them from depression (Metzner & Dubvsky, 2017). He increases their moods of living with people and showing them that it was just a correction that was being done to them, not a punishment. A prisoner needs to be counseled because some have fixed of seeing things the way they are not there. It is understood that many prisoners face hallucinations and are obsessed with evil thoughts. Therefore, they need a counselor who can recognize these symptoms and counsel them.

However, there are goals for counseling a prisoner. The primary goal is relieving prisoners from mental suffering, which is associated with improvement and disorders of subjective well-being. This is based in the community or hospital, and patients are either voluntary or involuntary. Psychiatrists adopt medical rules, but they may also take psychological, biological, or cultural perspectives. Psychiatrists have certificates of treating mental illness using medications by using the biomedical approach to a mental disorder.

Psychiatrists have specialized training as medical doctors who deal with mental health problems. Their primary duty is to attend to people who have physical health problems and mental health problems. Their primary audience is people who need medical assistance, psychological, spiritual, and social issues. These are people who deserve and suffer from complex conditions. The example of these conditions includes schizophrenia, severe depression, and bipolar disorder. These problems are mostly experienced by prisoners who have stayed in jail for an extended period, and people who have attempted suicide or have suicidal thoughts.


In conclusion, a psychiatrist is needed for a mental and physical problem. This is because they diagnose mental illness symptoms and understand how the prisoner's brain works, their emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Psychiatrists also do psychotherapy and electroconvulsive therapy. He also suggests treatments that are effective and safe. Also, he suggests the side effects, any risk, and how much mental illness can cause. It's up to a prisoner whether to agree to have treatment or not.


Metzner, J.L. & Dubovsky S.L. (2017). The Role of the Psychiatrist in evaluating a prison mental health system in litigation. Retrieved from.

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