Project Report Sample on Confirming Physical and Electrical Characteristics of the Installed Transformer

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Date:  2021-04-08


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The main aim of writing this project was to confirm the physical and electrical characteristics of the installed transformer. The characteristics that were observed from the project showed it clearly how the transformer can be installed and how it can properly supply power to all the sources nearby. During the project several tests were done including the polarity test and also the insulation resistance test among the others.


Among the materials used during this project, one of them being a polarity meter which tested the effectiveness of the terminals of the transformer and gave positive results proved that the transformer was ready and effective to use. The insulation tester is used to test if the transformer is drawing current from the source and thus the current does not go wild around the components of the entire transformer hence reducing the risk of being electrocuted by the transformer and the device was used and its results were as follows.

The external organs of the transformer are safe from electrocutions as no current runs through them hence no danger posed by the transformer.

The current in the transformer was properly circulating as when the tester was used it showed positive results of current running through the terminals.


The procedure that was used to make the project more efficient followed a mechanical check accompanied by a visual inspection of the transformer. The mechanical check involved checking on the functional ability of the transformer and all its parts. The parts were confirmed to be working properly and no speculation of future failure of the transformer. Also using the insulation tester it was clearly confirmed that the transformer was working. The visual inspection followed what captured the eyes of the users of the transformer, the outside look and nature of the transformer, if the user was likely to be appeased by the end product that they were to be given as a gadget to be using as an appliance both industrial and domestic. Having gathered a few views from different persons I can clearly say that the device was appealing to the eyes of the individuals and hence ready to be out in the market and for use.

Secondly, an insulation resistance test was carried out to determine the output and input of our device. The ohmmeter helped me with this step as it was used to test the resistance if each and every wire that was used and finally the entire device .the test came out positive and this gave me a go ahead with my work. Also the insulation of the whole device was confirmed leaving no room for short circuiting as this would tamper with the efficiency of my device. On completion of this major step I had to proceed with the next procedure which was the polarity test.

The polarity test I had to confirm that both of my terminals were functioning properly and this had to be done by a polarity tester. After the test was carried out I proved myself correct in that the test gave me positive results. This showed that my device was ready to be put into use as this is one of the major steps in achieving my goal of a functional transformer. This gave me a through pass to the next step in my procedure.

A multimeter helped me in this procedure as I used it to measure the loop resistance of the coils in the transformer. The aim of measuring the resistance of the coils and the wire used in the transformer was to make sure that overheating effect does not occur and hence the device doesnt malfunction in the course of its use. Having proven safe it was right for me to continue to my next procedure.

I carried out a test referred to as the burden test to confirm that my device does not become a liability to its users as some of my counselors argued it would be. In this case the device is quite smaller in size, reduced noise by its fan to make sure there is minimal disturbance.

Then the magnetization curve which I performed was to make sure that I had done my coils well and everything that is supposed to be magnetized was magnetized and properly functioning.

The turns ratio was well inspected and turned positive which was carried out with a secondary transformer. Then a primary current injection set was used in the primary injection test. I then carried a high voltage test using bulbs to see if they would blow up or become dim which turned be positive also.

The current transformer circuits is to be used to carry out secondary current measurements after the commissioning then a phase angle check was done to make sure that correct direction was given.


The current transformers are used to provide a platform in which when the voltage is too high to measure directly the CT is able to measure the current. The project was a success after I followed all the procedure and the outcome was good.

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