Progress Management: Debates, Mysteries and Regulations - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-22


The philosophy and processes of managing progress remain a sophisticated and complex issue as I have understood from the shift in conundrums, with several debates and mysteries surrounding how institutions get researched and controlled (Hughes, 2010). Managing developments has received accolades from various academic quarters. However, discussions revolve around the problems handling revolutions and their responsibilities in the progress of a comprehensive managing shift. The essence of regulating directive and managerial transformation schemes concerning the description of conundrum appeals to factors that overwhelm resistance to growth (Hughes, 2010). Besides, activities that enhance the seamless execution of the development of thorough strategies and presentations theoretically provide ideologies of leadership and policies, enabling the advocacy of dishonest seduction to mute command (Pullen & Vachhani, 2020). The purpose of this paper entails the examination of change problems.

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Change Conundrums

There exist several aspects, according to my understanding, of change conundrums like evolution, innovation, development, metamorphosis, regeneration, transmutation, transformation, revolution, transition, and transformation, among others. Transformative dilemmas involve seduction and collusion procedures of leadership (Pullen & Vachhani, 2020). Scholars suggest that the development of leadership comprises of management through effective deployment of excellent leadership skills, execution of an authority, and the dominance of progressive managerial systems.

I agree with those who question the focus on information concerning standard management practices, such as the management processes, practitioners who operate in a standard understandable setting, or competing understanding environment (Hughes, 2010). Such perceptions, as I believe, raise the questions about leadership centric theories that dwell on personalities, position, and productivity (Pullen & Vachhani, 2020). The population plays a significant role in influencing the viewpoints of participants and how they behave. Besides, culture and context, such as gender, climate change, and racial discrimination, remain global challenges (Hughes, 2010).


I do recommend that people adopt an understanding of vibrant theories of change and advocate for healthy discussion about related benefits and quantitative assessment examination of the level in which the world perceives conundrums change. Such ideologies can help individuals to manage change satisfactorily. Most scholars believe that organizational change remains manageable through the understanding, coping, and development with the change.


Hughes, M. (2010). Managing change: A critical perspective. Kogan Page Publishers.

Pullen, A., & Vachhani, S. J. (2020). Feminist ethics and women leaders: From difference to intercorporeality. Journal of Business Ethics, 1.

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