Priceline Company's Campaign Against Discrimination of Travelers

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Date:  2022-06-17


Priceline Company's website can significantly benefit from adding a company-sponsored blog as one of its marketing strategies. The blog would be ideal since the company involves travel-related services across different places in the United States. In the contemporary times when a lot of activities are undertaken through the internet, individuals travelling or planning to travel across the world seek significant information from different online sites before making any decision (Mangold, 2009). How to travel or where to stay is determined by what the person learns about a particular company. Likewise, Priceline lures its clients through the internet by displaying incentive and competitive offers in the attempt to win the hearts of the travelers. Therefore, adding a sponsored blog to the website would enhance the company's performance and boost its growth considerably.

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The company can utilize its best talents amongst its marketing staff in making the implementation. Some of the people that can used to author and add the blog to the website include the digital marketing, promotion and brand managers or other employees functioning within these specific fields. The HR professionals in these areas have the knowledge and experience in advertising and promoting; hence, they are the most ideal for the task. They have the capability to reach out to the intended audience which is mainly the travelers. Moreover, they will be able to incorporate their marketing knowledge when writing and posting the blog to lure and draw as many clients to the website where they can make decisions regarding the company's services. It takes an experienced professional to incent customers who have lot of choices to choose from before making a decision on the best services to purchase; thus, the bloggers should have intriguing topics for the articles. Some of the titles that can be used are;

Priceline Company to Give Back to the Community in the Next Sixty Days

Priceline's CEO Leads a Campaign against Discrimination of Travelers

The implementation comes in hand with several benefits. First, the company's website will be trafficked. The readers will seek to know learn more about the company after seeing the blogs and will find about the services being offered (Magnini, 2012). The traffic is crucial since it will have led even the wandering customers into knowing about Priceline and its services if they were not aware of it before. Second, the blog brings new customers through the traffic created on the website. Some of the first-time browsers into the company's website might decide to seek the services being offered and to experience the difference of a new provider. Therefore, the business will have gained more authority over its close competitors. Also, it will have enhanced its economic growth and development (Chen, 2012). Last, through the blogs, the company will have gained long-term benefits. By providing effective and efficient services to the new customers making them feel welcomed and comfortable, the business will have acquired additional loyal and regular clients. It will have enhanced and expanded its foundation for growth and development both economically and politically.


In a nutshell, blogs have become an integral part of the marketing sectors in companies in the contemporary society where almost every business has been turned into an online thing. Priceline is one of the modern companies that can reap substantially from the services offered by the internet by adding a sponsored blog to its website.


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