Presentation Example: Social Media Benefits

Date:  2021-04-21 12:32:50
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Purpose: to persuade

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Proposition statement: to persuade my audience that social media is very beneficial on a daily basis.

Title: benefits of social media

Greeting: good morning class, I am Ashley Jefferson

The introduction

The attention grabber: how many of you think that social media and networking has any benefits to us on a daily basis? Well, it is not all bad. The perspective of most of us is that social media is an online distraction platform, but today, I am going to prove you wrong.

The relevance: social media is one of the most effective, or rather, competent ways to stay aware, or rather, informed. Along with other outlets of information, social media helps a great deal to deliver information to the masses.

The credibility: at my childhood years, my parents always thought that social media was a detrimental to me. Until now, I dont really understand the reason for the same. Today, I only wish I could be informed about how teen awareness was very important back in the days. However, I am now a big fun of social media and it absolutely makes me feel as if I am a part of something big even in situations where some people are cursing it. I have come to realize fairly quickly that social networking was very beneficial to not only getting connected but also being kept updated. Thanks to social media.

The proposition statement: my hope is that I will be successful to persuade you to adopt social media as your number one source of news and any other relevant information. This will help promote a better, connected and a more informed society. It is a myth that social media is a distraction, but it is the truth that social networking serves as channel to save the society on a regular basis.

Transition: allow me to start by revealing to you the biggest benefit you would be missing if the media was not part and parcel of us. How a society that appreciates and recognizes social media would be the best to get associated with.

The body

social media encourages an all-time updated society society

informed public

increases public awareness

source of first-hand information

Transition: the media is a competent channel that gives everyone an equal chance to stay more informed about the day to day ongoing issues in the world at large. Prominent people make maximum use of social media to deliver their urgent information to the masses. As soon as information is posted, the public get alerted.

social media is a perfect source of teen awareness

an outlet to address the mind of teenagers

better alternative choice

Transition: most social media accounts are owned by the young people so that they can as well stay informed as their parents. This allows them to follow organizations they would probably love to be associated with. Additionally, when the teens become educated through the social media, they are usually at a higher chance of making real differences that can change the world for the better.

The conclusion

Brake light: I am pretty sure that amongst you, there are people who dont acknowledge social media but having addressed it a great deal, it has become clear to you that it can be beneficial on a daily basis.

Remind us: it is true to say that our cultures undergo a series of several changes, but, we cannot afford meet people in person while social media is there. It provides a way of engaging and reaching out to all people therefore, staying informed is a must. If used effectively, it provides us with first-hand information.

Restate proposition statement: promoting an informed and an updated society is the sole reason I am able to persuade all of you to embrace social media as your source of information.


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