Preparing for Later Life: Challenges Families Face - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


The aspect of future events is the concern of every individual. An individual would prefer to have a thriving full future, rather than a later life that will involve struggling. The stage of the family in later life has its challenges. Examples of the problems that are experienced by a family at later life include; dealing with the loss of a spouse, handling psychological issues such as stress, caring for the families of origin, and lastly being ready for a life review or death (Bengtson, 2018). All these challenges pose a risk for families at a later life. Therefore, there is a need for recommendations for the family in later life.

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The unity and well-being of the family in later life are essential, thus the need for recommendations (Suitor, Gilligan & Pillemer, 2016). Some of the recommendations include; training of the family on how to deal with cases on chronic illness in case it arises. The chronic disease tends to pose a challenge on the social, physiological, psychological as well as the demographics of the family. Another recommendation would improve the availability and quality services based in the community, which included family counseling, and lastly to have a retirement plan (Fisher, Chaffee & Sonnega, 2016). After retirement, a lot of people struggle to make ends meet due to lack of a project before retiring.

With any, the society s meant to overcome most of the challenges and issues that affect them. The factors that affect their wellbeing and the overall socioeconomic aspect of the community that means that there s the assertions that relate to the total and completeness n the correlation n the community. Unity has led to the prosperity of many communities as well as the counseling n the total and overall working environment of the total aspects of the community. On other fronts, t has also been affirmed that the unity of the society calls for unified efforts between the political classes to relate with the rest of the society.

However, the recommendations have an impact on certain aspects of the family in later life. The elements which are affected include the political, environmental, and social. For instance, improved community-based services such as family counseling will have a positive impact on the social aspect of the family (Loretto & Vickerstaff, 2015). Having a retirement plan will affect the environmental element in that a family would consider moving to a place that will be convenient and ensure its welfare. Lastly, training on how to deal with cases of chronic illness will maintain the unity of the family due to being prepared for the issue. Training of the community has by far been the saving face for the many members of the society that s embedded on their culture and traditions.


In conclusion, family in later life poses fear to an individual. The concern is because of the challenges associated with the stage. Problems such as retirement stress, coping up with psychological stress and chronic illness are among the factors that affect the family in later life. Therefore to counteract these challenges, recommendations are suggested. The suggestions help in preparing the families for the challenges ahead. However, the recommendations affect certain aspects of the family. For instance, counseling of the family has a positive impact on the social issue. It is, therefore, clear recommendations are essential for the family in later life.


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