Politics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Essay Example

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Human rights are universal, and every citizen has the right to enjoy all forms of civil rights and liberties. Civil rights and media events influence a sense of social responsibility in American citizens and the government. This paper discusses the civil rights and media events and expounds the ethical manner of authorities` behavior towards the American citizens and further discusses the differences between the Republican and Democratic Parties ethical policies for the American people.

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Civil rights events

Civil rights refer to the entitlements of all citizens about political and social freedom and equity. The rights enable the citizens to pursue their values and interests. These rights include the right to make medical decisions and acquire medical data. Civil rights are aimed at checking the activities of the executive and state intervention in citizen`s personal lives. The following medical event illustrates the ethical manner in which the medics, public and the government responded to a case of euthanasia.


Euthanasia is the process of intentional termination of life to relieve pain and suffering of the terminally ill person. Non-voluntary euthanasia is illegal in America, and involuntary euthanasia is considered as murder in many countries. Several moral and ethical issues followed the death of a Florida female known as Terry Schiavo on March 31, 2005, in Pinellas Park, Florida aged 41 years. Schiavo suffered from cardiac arrest and was hospitalized and resuscitated on February 25, 1990. She was treated but was diagnosed to have brain distortions attributed to low oxygen content in her brain. She was in a coma and spent over two months without indications of recovery and was inserted a feeding tube which she depended on for the next two years.

Medical personnel attempted other forms of therapy (Jamisonm, 2014). The doctors were unable to restore her state of consciousness. Michael Schiavo, her husband, presented a case to a Florida Court to have her feeding tube disconnected. Schiavo`s parents opposed the idea, and a legal battle ensued. The court noted that Schiavo disliked the artificial life processing apparatus as her possibilities of recovery were minuscule. The Florida court authorized the removal of the feeding tube from Terry`s body on April 24th, 2001 but was reconnected on April 26, 2001, after a series of appeals by Terry`s parents. After four years, a Pinnelas Court ordered the removal of Terry`s feeding tube. The dispute was moved to federal courts which upheld the former decision to remove the feeding tube from Terry`s body. Medics at Pinellas Park Hospice removed the feeding tube on March 18, 2005, and Terry died thirteen days later on March 31, 2005. An autopsy indicated that Terry died of brain damage consistent with persistent vegetative state.

According to Magnussum, (2016), the complex case of the death of Terry Schiavo caused a lot of public debate, political deliberations, and interventions by the legislature and the executive led by Florida governor and also the U.S President, George Bush. There were massive demonstrations by human rights organizations, the right to die organization, pro-life groups, and disability rights movements.

The AIDS epidemic

AIDS treatment strategies and prevention strategies have led to a decrease in death cases against HIV/ AIDS in America. However, according to Jamison, (2014), the AIDS crisis has led to the deaths of many Americans in the past years. AIDS utilizes a lot of public coffers. The federal government contributes massive funds for HIV examination as well as treatment services by purchasing of drugs like anti-virals that have contributed to the decrease of HIV infections. Many HIV/AIDS groups have been created to provide for the welfare of the victims. Lesbian AIDS have created projects to try and fight for the rights of lesbians with HIV/AIDS. Drug Abuse Association for treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS coordinates with some institutions through campaigns for those with HIV/AIDS in the prisons can have comfortable lives. According to Mosa and Sheet, (2012), a powerful and efficient response to those with HIV/AIDS requires access to the best health education and proper treatment.

Media Events

Debate on the classification of mental diseases

Many journals, articles, and books have been written on the classification and formalities applied in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Health Disorders (DSM) and RDOC. There has been a fruition on a number of internet news sources on the discussion. Currently, the topic has received public attention in America and other European nations. There is a general agreement to reframe the modalities for medication and health care insurance programs in DSM. RDOC should specifically deal with brain disorders concepts such as organizing and financing brain disorders research.

According to the World Health Organization, (2017), there is a no clear meaning between mental health and mental disorder. The level of mental disorders differs from culture to culture depending on the size of the societal challenges and hardships linked with other variables like laws, social and economic constraints. The World Health Organization, (2017), through chapter V of its agency, the International Classification of Diseases, ICD-10 clearly indicates that there are no clear definitions of mental disorder since it has various allegations depending on the societal and context in which the word is applied. According to the World Health Organization, (2017), there is no consensus set limit on the functional and non-functional perceptions of the human brain. There is still more debate on the words to use when defining the word mental disorder. Some doctors apply the word mental illness to signify mental disorders. To make the matter worse, many social organizations have gone further to take legal battles against the use of the word mental illnesses based on the view that the feature is similar to pioneering healthcare sovereignty. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Health Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), involves bipolar disorder, pyromania, phobias, schizophrenia, depressive, bulimia nervosa and personality disorder.

War on drugs

Hari, (2016), observes that the debate on War on Drugs in America was rampant in the 1960s and 1970s but has recently waned. Public opinion in America calls for health-based reforms to minimize criminalization on drug and substance use. American citizens consider the War on Drugs as ineffective. Monique, Olu, Lance, and Jenna-Marie, (2016) postulates that the American drugs` policies give room to massive racial discrimination in America. The War on Drugs in the nation has had ulterior objectives. Technically, the government and non- governmental organizations are still involved in the crackdown of illegal drugs and substances. Nevertheless, the intensity and publicity have waned as compared to the earlier decades.

Differences between Republican and the Democratic parties

The Republican and the democratic parties are the major political parties in America, and they differ on the morally right way to govern America and their party policies are different. The Democrats support for unlimited control of social issues such as medical services while the Republicans advocate for limited government interventions in social services. While the Democrats have total support for communal responsibility, the Republicans advocate for dominance in international relations. The Democrats policies discourage the application of military force in foreign countries which is not the case with the Republicans.


America has witnessed a number of uncertainties during the past years, which have been economic, political and socially oriented. The occurrences have had a huge effect on the Americans who have coped with the happenings in a number of ways. Regardless of the difficult period, America remains the sole world superpower.


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