Political Science Essay: The Concept of Democracy

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Date:  2021-06-24

Since the 18th century, some issues have been arising around the American government. The Republic has had some adjustments to make issues come to the usual way. The vast majority has been struggling to keep the republic through several activists and organized public and interests group. But to some extent, some individuals are turning away from their democratic right of participating in political issues thereby undermining the efforts of keeping the republic. Democracy is a system in which citizens exercise a direct power to the government to effect some changes. It is the majority rule (Almond et al., p.11). Through democracy, conflicts are processed, and the outcome of the conflicts is as a result of the majority rule and not a single representative in the government. The voice of the majority in the USA has been the mode of implementing changes for the past decades through social activists.

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When a given society lacks a representative in the government, democracy faces a challenge. People usually choose a representative to take part in making vital decisions about their demands in the state for instance according to By the People (331), people elected their representatives to the Senate so as to represent them as lawyers to their concerns and the chosen are set to do what the majority want. Therefore, an enhanced participation of people in political issues will enable them to choose better leaders who will take their concerns to heart. They usually do so by exercising their democratic right through voting. In America, voter turnout has been diminishing for quite some decades hence affecting the accurate representation in the government. Despite the fact that people will demonstrate for a correct implementation to be adopted by the government, their queries and quest might be in vein if the group lacks a representative in the state. Consequently, democracy will fail to take effect on Paramount and health decisions. According to Morone & Rogan, (p.205), democracy will take a good route if people participate fully in using their democratic. According to Morone & Rogan, (p.206), Apathetic people soon lose their rights and liberties. We should facilitate public participation in every possible way. That shows that when people fail to get involved in government, their rights will soon get assumed by the lack of voice of the majority. Democracy will seize to exist in a situation where people fail to participate.

The compact majority enhances freedom. When few people get involved in the political systems, democracy will not be improved. A substantial number of representation by the platform of politics enables the public to communicate their views and get support from the members in the political system. Some people in the political system will fail to offer a chance for varied opinions and benchmark of views will fail to take effect hence leading to failure of addressing vital issues. Also, lack of involvement in the political system will lead to biased political rule since the elected members will tend to serve a given group of people and fail to attend to a particular group which does not take part in political issues (William et al., p.19). A politically active and informed public serves as a check on those officials who would manipulate public attitudes, (p.223), lack of participation in political issues will deny the public a chance to shape issues that seem to offend their rights. Also, lack of involvement in democratic rights will deny the public an opportunity to govern themselves as free people hence making the key figures of the state to manipulate and lead people according to their ideologies (223). Also, public opinion will fail to be shaped when a few people participate in political issues hence may make lame policies to get implemented (p.224).

Special interests groups empower democracy since they pressurize the government to handle a particular matter by use of all means possible to ensure that the government takes into consideration special interests. For instance, special interests groups like the American Bureau Federation enlightens and inform the general public of issues in government and political developments. The teams employ all possible means which include involving lobbyist to come up with enough evidence for an individual implementation. Special interests group enhance democracy by reinforcing the needs of the society through improved strategies that pin down the government to address a particular public interest (Doc 5). AARP, group is one example of an interest group which entails over forty million people who advise the government to address issues concerning insurance and other financial information (p.286).

The interest group works as intermediate groups between the people and the government. Through the public interest group, the government can work in the direction of the issues represented by the groups. On the other hand, public interest aims at coming up with sound decisions that are not directed by the ideologies of one person. They enhance a constant communication between the government and the compact majority in groups which can air out their views in a systematic manner (287). According to Moron & Rogan (p.287), interests groups mobilize the public; that is, they get groups of people to act politically. That shows that interest groups boot the rule of democracy and empowers people to exercise their democratic rights. Even though some joy riders may fail to support interest groups by enjoying solidarity benefits (p.289), it is evident that even though public interest groups are recognized by the government, they have to struggle and fight for issues using solidarity as their democratic right (p.36).

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