Political Career Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

Several factors made me choose politics as my desired major. Since I was young, I had diverse bountiful opinions that related to the political matters of the world. I started developing interests in politics, and that became part of my dreams. Even though I had a deep concern based on the ethical deliberations such as the moral concerns, I encouraged myself that I will make a change in our perspective. I would consciously ask myself several questions that made me think of stopping my interest, but I was influenced by the fact that a change should be made in the world.

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However, during my foundation year that I spent in the QAF Academic Bridge Program, I gained a lot of experience that differentiated me from the other university students. That was the only fact that separated me from the other university students. Even though the military-sponsored experience was much similar to that of the normal Academic Bridge Program, it was still different due to some facts such as the physical and psychological impact on the students. The terms and the conditions that were forced upon us were strict than the normal students of ABP. This was because of the experience and the kind of the activities that were done. Therefore, despite all the hardships that I underwent, it gave me a motivation to still work hard to achieve my academic goals. The students who had the potential to reach high milestones were given the highest academic level, and this made me endure all the hardships with the aim of reaching the target.

Therefore, with my given position in the cadet, I think I can reach my target and goals if I had an opportunity to accomplish all the tasks. This is because I passed all the stages of the program. My experience made me have a better academic quality as compared to those other normal students in the ABP. As widely considered, the job of cadet can gradually grow and affect both the global matters and the inferior matters. Although it is small at the beginning, it can make a change in the lives of the people, more so those who have targets and goals in the future like in my case. For this reason, I think it is important for an individual holding such a role to target on the goals and have strong footsteps in the political world.

As I have ventured interests in understanding the political world precisely in cadet, I have observed that people tend to work hard in perspectives that gives them an opportunity. For instance, the ABP was a program that gave students an opportunity to undertake their careers and meet their desired goals. However, most of the students were not experienced much enough to accomplish the tasks, but the opportunity given could allow them to meet their target. As I had mentioned earlier, I could accomplish my career and meet my desired goals on time if I had an opportunity. As a matter of fact, the political personnel in the political world are seen as runners of the political environment depending on their success and how they accomplished their careers with potential milestones. Political scientists also create situations that are vital to the political sphere. They are responsible for the political environment as they provide sober advice to the potential personnel. Such a phenomenon contributed to my intensified interest in understanding the political world and working hard to achieve my career goals despite the hardships that I experienced in the program.

As much as different opinions and political matters made choose the career while I was young, I understood that it was not easy because of the community. In other words, fewer people were talking about the career. But despite that, I followed my dreams and pursued the career under the hard circumstances. It was not easy because of lack of support and opportunity. But I worked hard to achieve a better experience that made me different from other students.

Having paid much attention to various happenings in the political world, I noticed that political career is a hard career that needs a lot of effort. This added to my curiosity of having a more in-depth understanding political world and what can be done to achieve the best. However, the cadet has a comprehensive knowledge of this phenomenon including the political foundation of a nation's politics. Political science is a body that gives a background analysis of the political theories in a country and enables one to understand the field on a deeper level. Accordingly, increased knowledge in the field of political science was vital in helping me understand and make cognitive decisions on the field of politics. My experience became essential in instilling useful information, which aided me to fathom the political changes and employ logical reasoning.

Therefore, it is for these reasons as mentioned above, among others that made me develop an interest in political science and working hard to achieve my goals and objectives. With politics being among the most critical sector of a country, I feel the urge to understand how the body operates and how they differ in several states. The study helped me understand all the practices that are undertaken based on cadet and other programs that I studied in QAF. Even though my career was never easy, I worked hard to accomplish it because it was my goal and objective.

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