Police Brutality: Lethal Force Can Lead to Death - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-23


The use of lethal force as law enforcement can lead to the brutality that can cause severe injuries and even in some cases, can lead to death. In most cases, the white police officers execute it by the use of lethal force to African-Americans. Even though alternatives like issuing a verbal warning, requiring backups, and using less power.

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In this case, it is not a lethal force, but Williams tries to attempt suicide by cop as Officer Mader commanded William to put his gun down. Mader's intentions from his words show a willingness to spare Williams's life. Williams's responses show his readiness to die, saying he wants to be shot by the officer. Thus officer Mader is concluding that Williams's mind portrays suicidal, and he has a choice to deescalate the situation of Williams. Williams' girlfriend confirms that Williams states of suicidal.

Noticing the plan of suicide by Williams, when officers Kuzma and Baker arrived in the scene, he should have instructed them to back off because he was aware that Williams's intention was suicidal by cop. Through this, he might have prevented a loss of life. He had another option of tackling Williams to the ground since Williams was a tread to himself. This tackle might have prevented the killing. Mader should have to ask Williams questions leading him to calm down as he approaches him then to shove him.

Officer Mader fired for not shooting. It shows how he valued life than an order. Not only did the police department of Weirton fired him falsely, but he also took it a step-through subjection to harassment and retaliation. According to Mr. Cohen from ACLU of West Virginia argues that the message portrayed by firing officer Mader and what message to the family of Williams. The reasoning was that firing an officer for not the following order or honoring him for an attempt to prevent suicidal. The firing of Officer Mader wasn't the right decision for the police department, but he should receive an honor for the heroic choice.

From Williams's girlfriend, a con that he was suicidal by a cop as he unloaded his gun and shouted back at her to that wanted suicide by the help of the police. This issue came up after the family confirmed that he was going through depression following a mate relationship got sour. The extent of sorrow got worsed until the desist sick medical attention, and to some extent that he went back to his family. Ida Poole confirms what his son was going through, but she inside took it lightly with a thought that her daughter-in-law having darkened moods after birth. His own family confirmed the love he had for his son but had a mental health problem.

Being in the position of Officer Mader, I will ensure that life is not lost. I will tackle Williams to the ground and give him an arrest, then I will recommend for psychological help for Williams with counseling. This move will only be a faster reason before co-officers to backup. On the other hand, in the position of Williams, I will think about my newborn son. What will happen to him when I commit suicide, and what will he teach him to be a better father. In Williams's shoes, I will explain to Officer Mader things that I am going through for help. All in all, life is the most valuable thing in humans and should be protected.

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