Personal Statement on Master in Human Resource Management

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  574 Words
Date:  2022-11-19


I am applying for a Master's in Human Resource Management at Stony Brook University School of Professional Development to gain more insight into the field and advance my professional and personal goals. I have had an interest in healthcare-related careers for many years. Initially, while growing up, my close family and community people could observe my actions towards healthcare and often concluded that I could make a good doctor. However, my passion has extended beyond just becoming a doctor but an administrator in the healthcare sector. My interest and passion in Health Office Administration was far more pronounced during my two-year associate degree. During this period, my ambitions and love passion significantly grew to the point where I acknowledge with no regrets having made the right career choice.

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Under my current job, I feel being part of the healthcare industry. I am in the process of achieving my dream. I can work with different healthcare officials almost every day. Moreover, I have an opportunity to share my passion for the administration in the company that immersed me in the administrative business. The section I serve in the healthcare industry is a component of human resource management. I usually feel content because this is the career I chose from the beginning. Furthermore, as a current employee in the healthcare field at a chiropractic office, I see myself moving forward to getting more responsibilities which will certainly improve my professional skills and knowledge.

I want to pursue a Master's degree in health policy and management because it will prepare me for a future opportunity in the healthcare industry. For instance, I will have a chance to explore the variety of healthcare delivery models which are important to provide care to individuals. More so, it will acquaint me with different creative approaches of bringing healthcare services in all developing countries. My future aspiration is to develop a concurrent focus on disaster management and another related crisis. Also, I aim at maintaining lifetime research that is more creative and objective to offer adequate health care services to the public.

By pursuing a master's degree in Human Resource Management, I will develop better strategies for implementing possible intervention policies that will offer the community unswerving access to better care services. I will also grab a chance to infuse different health ideas in all generations by integrating multiple educational health programs. Master's degree in Human Resource Management will provide with me quality skills to avert health problems that can be prevented. The knowledge and skills I will acquire would enable me to establish and exhaust my capacities to the maximum. As a result, I will become a successful and a well-rounded individual who can participate in active roles within and outside the society.

Indeed, pursuing a master's degree in Human Resource Management would not be an easy task. However, I will dedicate my effort to learning as much as I can during this journey of academic excellence. I will devote myself in all critical areas by developing new potentials to emerge a successful health expert in the stated field. Therefore, at Stony Brook University School of Professional Development which is one of the prospective schools with a good reputation and a viable learning environment especially for Master students, I hope to develop a new potential concentration in this exciting area. I believe that by doing my Master in this school, I will become a successful Human Resource Management professional.

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