Essay Sample on Roles and Responsibilities of Leadership

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Date:  2022-11-14


Communication is essential to pass the shared vision correctly and to make sure that the shareholders understand the importance of the vision. As the nurse leader, there are different communication methodologies that can be applied both formal and informal approaches. The formal methods are meetings, conference calls, and newsletters/emails. Calling all the stakeholders to a meeting is one of the approaches where they will be informed about the vision and what it will entail. The communication method is effective considering that the stakeholders will be able to study the verbal and non-verbal cues and it will be easy to convince them the importance of supporting the vision. In addition, miscommunication and misinterpretation will be avoided as clarification will be done during the meeting (Lumbers, 2018). The conference calls are done virtually where all the stakeholders will participate through a video call from where they are, and it is effective since all the stakeholders will be present. Though the method is effective, it is also expensive depending on how long the meeting will last. The newsletters and emails may be sent to the stakeholders, and since there is no feedback, the nurse leader may not determine whether the stakeholders are supporting the vision.

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There are also informal communication methods that can be used. Voice mail, where the nurse leader leaves a voice mail to the stakeholders and using the voice show the urgency and excitement, determined by the voice intonation. The nurse leader may also communicate in the hallways when they meet the stakeholders. However, the approach may be brief which means some information concerning the vision may be left out. Lunch meeting may also act as communication approaches, and since there is enough time, the stakeholders may provide their ideas about the vision. Through using the indicated methods, the nurse leader will be able to communicate about the vision and is essential to choose the most appropriate method. It will help avoid misinterpretation of the information and ensuring that feedback has been provided (Lowe, Plummer, & Boyd, 2018).

Several strategic management approaches can be used in making the vision for the outreach program into reality. Being organized is the first strategy where all the processes in which the vision will be executed are created. It is essential to have a checklist, listing all the activities to be done and how they will be done. The checklist will also indicate what will be needed to achieve the vision. The second approach is tracking and measuring the performance of the vision. The progress should be tracked continuously to make sure that the vision is on the correct path. It acts as a motivation to keep on moving towards achieving the final goal. Measuring helps determine where the vision is going as expected and any setbacks being experienced (Lumbers, 2018). After determining the setbacks, methods of addressing them are established so that they do not interfere with following the vision. Where essential, methods of operations may be changed if the previous strategies are not helping follow the vision. Taking accountability is the next strategy by making sure that the outcome of any practice is appreciated and if it is a mistake, taking responsibility and determining ways of correcting it. Since the vision will involve the entire workforce, it is essential to reward them regularly as a way of motivating them to works towards achieving the vision.


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