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Date:  2021-06-23

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Are you for (or) Against the Free-Culture Movement? Discuss with an example and a rationale. a good starting place would be to visit to an external site.

I am for the Free Culture Movement because it promotes creativity among the artists. The creativity is enhanced since artist do have to seek permission before sharing or using the work of another persons work. This is different from permission culture where one has to seek permission from the original owner of the article. For instance, in the film industry when one needs to use a song done by an artist in a movie they will not have to seek permission if free culture is adopted. On the other hand if permission culture is to be promoted one will have to seek permission if they want to use a song in a movie.

Visit to an external site. And find and share information about a project that you find interesting. Do not re-post what has been posted pick a project that has not been discussed in the thread.

The project I find to be interesting is Credits Project which has a codebase with a very short history and maintained by one developer. Its first commit was in May 2017. The total commits right now are 47 in total. (Link

What is your experience, opinion and view about how Advertisements have populated the web? Share and Discuss.

Advertisements have been on the rise over recent years. This is because most web applications support themselves though advertisements. On a few occasions they may use subscription as their revenue source. Over the years I have developed great interest in website design increasing my experience with website. The advertisement in the websites improve the information delivery to potential customers. Seller are therefore likely to enjoy the benefits of good advertisings as they are able to reach a large number of customers and win their trust.

Are mash-ups more important than the individual sources that are mashed? Discuss with an example and a rationale Here's a good video to watch before you get started:

Mash-ups are more important than individual sources as they make use of more than one website services and APIs making the presentation and functionality to be effective. They are also easy to develop as one does not have to be a programmer to create a mashup.

Are the recent technological advances (e.g. Social Media) helping us move through Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid? Here's a good place to start: to an external site.

The recent technological developments have an important role in moving us through the Maslows hierarchy of need pyramid. With technological advancement like the internet for instance one does not need to pass through the individual need but one realizes self-actualization instantly by logging into his computer.

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