Family and Cultural Contexts in Communication: Roles of Parents and Guardians - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-27


The article is relevant to my study as it is part of communication-related issues. It elaborates on the problems facing the family and cultural set up that are affecting communication. Like the other sources, the article goes into detail to elaborate on the different views of communication within society. It also has a clear definition of how different people in the community play various roles; this includes the parents and guardians (Arias & Punyanunt-Carter, 2016). The article shows how a healthy society is established from the simple of a robust ethical family.

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The information from the article is quite exciting and reliable. It has information that almost everyone can relate to the basic structure of the family. Different personal characters and behavior within a family can cause different kinds of conflicts; many families can relate to this as an example. This information is provided in the article, and to be sincere, almost all have seen it in their families and neighbors (Kelly et al., 2002). These show the communication problems within a community and families, as the article elaborates.

The source has an excellent way of introducing the agenda objectively to avoid being biased. In the article, different cultures have their form of communication, culture, religion, and also conflict resolution (Konsky, Kapoor, Blue, & Kapoor, 2001). The problem arises when the different cultures intermarry, and their cultural practices at the point are lost or abandoned. It is a significant contributor to communication problems within a family since most of the new age families do not know how to get assist in their family issues.

Information from the article has been of great importance to my understanding of the topic I am going to undertake. The problem at first seemed complicated to me since I had little information about it and less clue on how to deal with it. With the unlimited data from the topic, it is less comfortable for me to comprehend the issue and flawlessly work on the task I have ahead of me.

In my research project, I will be able to bring out my understanding of the project. I will use the source as both the primary and secondary sources of the work I will be doing. As a primary source, the information that is first hand in the source is what I will use to support my work. These are because it is the evidence of the artist or author of the article; hence, he is like an eyewitness to the actual events of the events in the section (Hariman, 2016). The statistical data and survey results will be raw data to support my argument. These are like immediate impressions or the original work of the information provided. On the other hand, secondary data will be the synthesis, discussions, analysis, and evaluation of the primary data.

The topic has changed my thoughts. First, I have discovered that communication problems have various methods to erupt in the family. Different cultures to have different ways they encounter their problems and by which magnitude. These different ideas and issues make it hard for the communication healing process to be similar and efficient to all families in the same way. It is the responsibility of all families to deal with their problems starting from where they started and ask for the relevant assistance if need be.


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