Parental Love

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Date:  2021-03-22

Parentage is one of the natural gifts of nature every parent receives unconditionally from the supernatural being. As a result of this, one is embodied to focus on loving it seriously in order for us to realize its magnificence as long as we live and even after we die. Children make a home exciting and in most cases they bring in strong love and bond between the couples. Loving them should be practiced without boundaries.

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How parental love influences their children

The way parents carry out their day to day activities have a big impact on the growth and development of their children. It is depicted that the strength provided by the parental love influences the children throughout their lives (Sarah, 11). Parents are expected to be available during the key milestone stages of their children. Examples of these stages are birthdays, dating of first boyfriend or girlfriend and even acquiring of driving license. This gives them a sense of great affection from their parents and thus most will focus on working towards structuring their lives according to advice given by the parent. During such occasions, the child does not influence herself with an irresponsible behavior simply because the guide is readily available. According to Child Trend and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, children should be supported spiritually by their parents at all times in order to avoid reckless behaviors. They outlined that, in the event where the children are not nurtured in a divine way, they are forced to fill their souls with faith substitutes such as sex and drugs.

Steps for effective parental love

Walk the walk, dont just talk and talk

Parents are required to always do the demonstrative channel on positive living to their children instead of continuous lecturing on dos and donts. They ought to live according to rules and standards which guide their children to live within them. This is because young people like copying what their seniors more so their parents exercise.

Listen to your teen

Parents should always be available to listen and solve problems which affect their children. Paying close attention and being genuine to them serves a great deal in their development.

Realize that you impact a lot of teens beyond your own

In the current world we live, divorce and separations among couples is so rampant. This has subjected many children into a sense of alienation and thus seeking of attention from parents to their friends is looming. Therefore, one ought to be always ready to touch lives of such children by practicing pacesetting functionalism to them.

Importance of parental love

Parental love has a great drive in the life of a child. This is because it improves parent-child communication in an explicit manner. Children who experience parental love and guidance are always free to give out their taught and feeling to their parents. This leads to early cutting off of undesirable attitudes of the child towards certain life issues such as drugs (Headey, Muffels, and Gert, 9). Additionally, children who have parental passion are deemed to have high self-esteem. This makes them to grow in a way which is fear free since majority want to always grasp what is enticing in all fields of life. Most of them succeed since nothing which stops one from obtaining whatever they are yearning for in this competitive and sophisticated world. Moreover, they have a well-organized mechanism of problem-focused coping styles. This is as a result of continuous positive growth under the umbrella of the parents. This exposes them by seeing how their parents deal with life matters and therefore, when it comes to them, the way to do the same becomes simpler. Besides this, they are also expected to succeed academically. Most parents who love their children tend to guide them towards the best choices of life such as education. Apart from direction, they also enroll them in good and academic giant schools. This boosts the morale of the children to a hard-working one as required by the parent and the dictation of the environment in which one schools in. Furthermore, affectionate parents lead to decreased psychological and behavioral problems among their children. Emotional issues such as separation from ones lover is easily delve with since the curb between the parent and the child is minimal. The child has a room for expressing the problems which has led one to a stressing state. On the other hand, the parent is there to provide a shoulder for the kid to lean on (Cox, 17). In most cases, this leads to reduced suicidal affairs among the teens given that the correct guidelines and life format is provided by the parents. Behavioral problems for instance teen pregnancy and drug abuse is limited among this group of children. This is because their parents always gives them the things to feed into their minds and souls and thus room for immorality and bad lifestyle do not have a room.


It has been depicted that there are some factors which influences the rate at which parental love is administered to children all over the world. One of these factors is the race of the parents. The whites are seen as the most loving parents all over the world with a percentage close to 90. Most of them caress their children at least twice a day. The Hispanias are graded secondly with a parental love of 75%. They are also viewed as good parents and they like creating time for their children. The blacks in this category are ranked lastly with parental love measured at a tune of less than 68%. Likewise, age of a child has also been seen as a factor when it comes to administration of love to the kids. Children under the age of three are the most loved as compared to the other ages having a percentage of 91. Parents embrace and provide a constant care for them while those between age 10 and 12 do not receive this special attention at all . In addition to that, education factor has also been analyzed to have magnitude when it comes to love administration for the children (Headey, Muffels, and Gert, 28). It is stated that those parents whom did not go beyond form four do not provide parental love to their children as required. They are rated at 65% while those who have diplomas are better with parental rate of 75% whereas those who have degrees are rated at 91%. The love rate in parent increases as their education level increases. Despite of all these factors, mothers are seen as the most loving parents in the families than fathers. However, the life of a child is much influenced by the deeds of the father.


Parents should spearhead and prioritize love for their children since they are the best they ever got from superior being. Failure to do so, their kids will develop a sense of alienation, anti-social and risk behaviors, diminished self- esteem and expression of hostility and aggression at all times. The world will also experience problems since the probability of bringing up generation which is desperate and ready to destroy it as a result of life frustrations is very high. Therefore, parents should love and care for their children in order to counter these problems.

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