Paper Sample on Lying: An Innate Part of Our Psychology

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Date:  2023-02-12


In a society where we live, several people do lie, and that is the truth. However, the main reason why people usually found themselves lying is a hard question to answer since there are a lot of reasons based on it. Also, lying is regarded as one of the things which make us human; thus; it's an innate part of our psychology. Moreover, the ability to bend the truth, challenge accepted facts; think outside the box are the significant factors that have since gotten civilization this far in the modern era. None the less, everybody lies for various reasons, for instance, to protect themselves, out of loyalty, to escape punishment, out of compulsion, for something noble, for deceptive gain, to appear smart, to gossip, and to manipulate other people.

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Case Study

A group of four people were making a plan to eat at the mall the next day. One of them explained that they were not going to have any money for food. The other three had said they did not have enough money to pay for the other person. The person got up to go to the restroom, and the others proceeded to talk about how they DID have enough money to pay for their friend but did not want to.

From the case study above, there are two groups comprised of three individuals and a single individual who are making a plan to go out the following day to have a meal at the mall. However, certain surrounding variables have significantly influenced the decisions of these two groups to lie to each other. For instance;

Number of People in the Group

Typically, there are certain groups of individuals who do not like to hang out or have meals in a crowd, e.g. shy people. Thus, in this case, the single individual could be shy or introvert hence having lunch in a group of four be uncomfortable for him. However, three individuals could have viewed the single individual as a mean person who is unwilling to share.


Age can be regarded as a significant factor in this case because the single individual can be an older person who has many responsibilities to take care of. Due to this factor, he has distanced himself from a group of three by stating that there was not enough money for food. On the other hand, a group of three individuals had also lied to this individual that there was not enough money to pay for his meals, but when he left to the restroom, they proceeded to talk on how they had enough money to pay for their friend but did not want to.


The location of the mall might be far and would require a lot of transportation cost to and fro the first area. This could be a key factor why a single individual has lied to the three individuals that the money could not be enough for the meal even though he just lacked fare. Also, the location of the mall could lead to an increased price of meals, for instance, if the mall is located in the central business district as opposed to a remote area.


The single individual being an African exempts himself from the group comprising of Americans depicting that his poor and cannot afford to eat with them in the mall. Hence, he lied that the money wasn't enough food even though he feels inferior financially amongst the group of four.

Reasons why they did not Lie

Several variable factors led to these two groups not lying to themselves for instance;

People in the Group

The single individual was right when he said that they were not going to have any money for food. This could be because the single individual new the level of his income hence thought that the rest would also be affected. Also, the three individuals are right to exclude their fellow from their budget since he did not show any attempt to raise money for the meal.


The single individual was right not to go out for a meal with the other three (juniors) since he had a lot of responsibilities (family) to provide for rather than spending extravagantly in the mall.


Since the single individual is an African and Africans are perceived to be poor financially, he was right not going out for a meal in the mall where the prices could be high. However, the three individuals (Americans) were right to exclude the African since he didn't contribute.


The location of the mall might be far away; thus, the single individual was right not to go for lunch in the mall, which could result in added costs.

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