Paper on Texas Government - Tension and Conflicting Interests Regarding Social Spending

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Date:  2021-03-29

The state's government of Texas spends 2.4 times as much on the aged as on the youth and children. This measurement based on per capita and with a ratio of about 7:1 proves that there is biasedness in the implementation process of the federal budget. The ratio tilts to favor the elderly than the children. This is an experience almost in the entirely country of USA and stronger as opposed to other OECD countries. If viewed in the perspective of a life-cycle, it is not prudent to spend more on the elderly due to progressive nature of growth of humankind.

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The current states' public system of expenditure is unfair to the younger people. The government should rather redefine the name as birth cohorts instead of age group. Notice that with the current situation continuing, the massive number of poor health and retirement benefits will force our young children to bear such a heavy tax burden on themselves. We should thus reduce the amount of elderly benefits and corporate in paying taxes.

Most people will view this contention as incorrect, and that such set up can only be destructive to a growing economy, But should we account as true that the state leaves unexploited opportunities right in children? Don't they know that such investigations could yield much more returns leading to a boost in the economy and eradicating inequality? No, they wouldn't see that; but rather, the officials in charge will argue that the ratio of spending on different age groups give little information on fairness. Their most held reason would be that the difference of the expenses among age groups is attributed to health care and pension. Health care concerns on itself rise with an increase in age. Therefore, an equally lavish spending would arise in a natural course with age. This will be the reason for much spending on the elderly to the youth and children. Current retirees in the state have paid taxes as imposed on their payrolls in terms with the present values which equal or would exceed the amount of pension they would receive.

Still, the interest of the disabled and the elderly against that of the children is politically short-sighting. One group will advocate for young children whereas another will think of the elderly and the disabled.

Even if the contest is heating, defenders of a role by the government are still much an issue and are limited to the provision of security concerning public safety against embezzlement. Them that share the view that government ought to intervene to promote social welfare for children; the disabled and the elderly alike have my support. This opinion is yet to be criticized and dismissed as fratricide by those who believe otherwise.

All in all, if by any chance the legislation now being debated is passed and becomes law, the ratio of public health care spent on the elderly to that of the children will diminish. This is because the share of income devoted to healthcare has grown so much with such spending higher in the elderly as compared to the children. This has had an impact on the poverty ratio statistics. Doing so will, therefore, shift the age-specific incidence of poverty.

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