Essay Example on Learning to Lead: Benefits of a Management Course

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Date:  2023-06-06

There are different aspects involved when successfully managing a team. I was expecting that by the end of the course, I would be equipped with enough knowledge on how to properly lead a business and people in the modern-day workplace. Management is a field that constantly changes, and they are different management theories that enable optimal output from employees. There will be a brief discussion on useful information obtained from the course and the importance of this information for the future.

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There has been the discovery of the importance of organizational structures. Different strategies, such as centralized and decentralized systems of management, are essential in determining a successful business. All methods of control available are dependent on the type of business and employees in the organization. There was also the discovery that strategizing and planning are essential aspects of management. A strategy has to be formulated with the collaboration of different stakeholders to produce an effective strategy implementation. There are also important assessment tools available such as the SWOT analysis that is useful in analyzing various aspects of the working environment.

Another crucial aspect that has obtained from the course is the many principles involved in management. I have learned the different types of managers and the merits and demerits of each type of manger while also identifying the role management plays in running a successful organization. Entrepreneurship is also an important aspect of management since it is all about exploring opportunities an organization can explore to remain successful and relevant. Leadership also plays a significant role in management. There are different leadership traits that a manager should demonstrate in the successful running of a business. Effective leadership is characterized by excellent communication skills, which is fundamental, accompanied by integrity, accountability, and humility. There are also different types of leadership that all have advantages and disadvantages

Apart from following laid upon policies and procedures, it is also vital for any manager to think outside the box when seeking to find ways to increase productivity in the workplace. Lastly, I have gained valuable information on the importance of strategic focus, which only happens when an organization and its employees are sure about the intended mission and vision. There has to be a plan on how these goals are to be met. Managers play a crucial role in the success of a business since they are responsible for overviewing the day to day activities of a company.

The experience has taught me that there are a lot of different factors involved in management and that human resources remain the most complicated asset to handle in the workplace. My expectations of learning different strategies and theories have been met as I have learned the different types of management styles that are suitable for individuals in a professional setting. I have also discovered that managers can employ more than one management theory to achieve productivity and attain the goals of an organization.


The knowledge obtained from the management course will be beneficial for my career since I will inevitably join the workforce after completion of my studies, I will have to employ some of this knowledge to understand the different aspects needed to run a business. As an individual who one day hopes to be a manager of an organization, the learned information is crucial because it broadens my competence in management.

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