Paper Example on Therapeutic Relationship That Occurs in Relational-Cultural Therapy

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Date:  2022-07-18


According to Flaskas (2018), the therapeutic relationship is the relationship between a client and a healthcare professional. I think that a therapeutic relationship creates self-awareness since it enables one to understand own feeling, believes, prejudices, values, and how these affect other individuals. Therapeutic relationship that occurs in Relational-Cultural Therapy is good since it ensures that mutual needs are met, it enhances communication, and it promotes independence and self-care (Dietz et al., 2017). Through a therapeutic relationship, the parties can enable communication of distressing feelings and thoughts.

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Relational-Cultural Therapy is unique to me since it deepens a patient's relationship outside therapy. In most cases, patients are usually treated, and the health care providers do not care about what happens to the patients after therapy (Haskins & Appling, 2017). Furthermore, negative relational images usually cause disconnection among individuals, so RTC seeks out to decrease the impact of the negative images and assist the client to become more connected with the other individuals. RTC also ensures that interpersonal factors including mutual relationship and growth-fostering relationships and cultural factors facilitating validation (Kress et al., 2018). RTC also deepens a patient's relationship by reducing the sources of individual social injustice and isolation.

RTC can be applied in my life. I have eating disorders, and I think RTC can help me resolve the issue. A Relational-Cultural Therapist can counsel me and recommend me on the way I may overcome the issue since I usually have abnormal eating habits that make to have low self-esteem. Therefore, RTC will help me manage my eating disorder effectively by having someone who is caring and can help me overcome my low self-esteem (Frey, 2013). The Relational-Cultural Therapist is also able to follow up if I am following the right path towards transforming.


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