Essay Sample on Texas Committees

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Date:  2022-10-13

Transportation Committee

In case I would be elected as a Senator or a member of the house of representation, It would be a great pleasure working in the transportation committee (85Th Legislature vol 36). The committee consists of thirteen members. Its committee is mandated with numerous roles. The control, licensing and regulation of vehicles which are commercial such as bus and trucks are one of the roles of the committee.

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The regulation of all the operation carried out on the Texas highway which includes the roads and bridges is also done by the committee. They also help in the licensing of the private passenger motor vehicles to operate on roads and highways (85Th Legislature vol 36). They are also with jurisdictions with operations that involve the railway transport. These include the street railway lines, express companies, steamship companies, interurban railway lines and also the railroads. It also helps in the regulation of all activities about the use of air transport such as airports and airlines operations. The water transport operations are also in their jurisdiction.

Working in this committee will grant me a golden opportunity to serve my district and try and meet my all-time interest in maintaining sanity in the transport system. The transport system is essential helps boost economic developments.

Energy Resources Committee

The committee also constitutes of thirteen members. It has jurisdiction on some issues. The role of conservation of resources which acts as a source of energy is the committee's mandate. The committee also controls all the operation involved in the product development and transportation of gas, oil, and other energy resources (85Th Legislature vol 12). They also regulate mining operations.

They have the authority and control over the leasing of mineral rights under public land. The committee also regulates pipeline operations. The identification, development and the usage of other alternative energy resources are also in their jurisdictions. There also mandated with the responsibility of ensuring there is energy efficiency (85Th Legislature vol 12). Energy is a critical resource in any country. It acts as a source of employment for many citizens. It is important in ensuring that all the energy sources are well-taken care off and ensure that their maximum potential is achieved without misusing. Working in this committee will grant me the favor to ensure this is achieved.

Economic and Small business Development Committee

The committee constitutes of nine members. It has jurisdiction over some issues. They are entitled to control all the operations that involve the training of the workforce. They also regulate the activities revolving around commerce, manufacturing, and trade. Economic and industrial development is also an issue the committee has authority over (85Th Legislature vol 10). They are supposed to ensure that there is the development of small businesses, and they are fully supported. They are also in control over the compensation of the unemployed. The creation of job opportunity is also a mandate of the committee. The committee controls the operations of the labor unions. This committee should ensure that small businesses are protected. Working in this committee will help me take part in supporting of small business. Small businesses act as a source of capital to many citizens hence the need to be protected.

Solving Texans Problems

According to research from the committees, most of the Texans do not have a clue who their legislators are. This is a big problem since the citizens should have adequate knowledge of their representatives. To ensure that the citizens acquire enough knowledge of their legislators, I would propose laws and regulations that will ensure that the representatives are greatly involved in public activities. I would also advocate for the teaching of student and citizens on the role they play in the running of the country. This will involve educating them who their legislators are and sensitize the public on their rights.

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