Paper Example on Technical Support: Making Technical Issues Easier

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Date:  2023-01-29


Globally, mobile phone and computer users and business alike come across IT technical hitches on a daily basis. May it during installation of new applications, operating systems, or when trying to bypass any technical problem that could have arisen during the gadgets use. A technical support assistant comes in handy to solve this problem and make life that seemed challenging to the user, a very friendly one. The industry is not well tapped in since most technical support assistants are the ones provided by the specific product manufacturers, who are generally expensive and hardly available. Our technical support business intends to conveniently venture in, to provide these needed IT services to all customers while maintaining quality via well-trained instituted team of technical experts.

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Fulfilling the objectives of our clients will be our key marketing strategy. Our target customers will range from large businesses to individual electronic gadget users. Quality, consistency, and distinctiveness of our services will be key in building our image through referrals by our customers. We will also invest heavily in advertisement on social media and mass media platforms. We strategize to beat our customers through creation of good customer relations by ensuring we are reliable, affordable, efficient, and readily available to them. Our recruitment department is tasked to ensure that the right people having the relevant qualifications are hired. Remuneration of these staff is designed to be fair and competitive to boost morale and ensure optimal productivity for the benefit of the company. Shown below are our strategic position description and our risk evaluation tables.

Industry Trends:

Online, computer, and phone users experience technical problems with new services and problems they are not conversant with. These problems may hinder success in whatever they do hence the need to come to their rescue. Having a technical support assistance to save them from these problems can really raise their morale and productivity.

Target Market:

As a technical support business, we will target online users, computer users, and phone users to solve the technical glitches they are faced while using a computer or a phone.

Competitive Environment:

The technical support assistants are basically dominated by the support assistants employed by companies that manufacture most of these electrical gadgets.

Your Strengths Relative to the Competition:

  • Drafting a detailed business proposal and submitting it to potential clients for consideration.
  • Fully fledged advertising of the business through social media platforms and other platforms to catch the attention of potential clients.
  • Development of an appealing business website that gives a more insight to the business.


  • Market risks especially those pertaining to exchange rates fluctuations especially when dealing with international clients.
  • Horizon risks arising from the uncertain nature of the technologies used in the IT industry.
  • Type of Risk Risk Probability Steps to Reduce This Risk
  • Market Risk Medium We will be avoiding interest rates changes risks by ensuring that all our overseas customers transact in US dollars since it is the most stable currency.
  • Competitive Risk High Aggressive advertising and maintaining of good customer relations will deal with competitive risks.
  • Technology Risk Low Keeping up-to-date with the current IT technologies through training will be useful in reducing this risk.
  • Product Risk Low Diversification in all IT products will be key in dealing with product risks.
  • Execution Risk Low Execution risks can be reduced by ensuring that during the planning stage, the budget is well aligned with the business expectations.
  • Capitalization Risk High Proper planning during the planning stage will deal with this risk.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is the in-depth study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of any business (Eisner et al., 2015). Since we are a business that will be operating in the highly evolving IT industry, our strengths will be the ability to use our well trained support team to tap into the technological need arising in the society. Shown below is the SWOT analysis of our technical support business.


  • Our knowledge about IT industry will be of the highest credentials.
  • We will majorly deal on diversity of the services we will be offering.
  • The instituted team will be well trained with a strong combination of IT skills to cater for all of our customers.
  • Knowledge of our customers will be cultivated and the good relationship maintained.


  • A limited financial strength as compared to the already existing players in the industry.
  • Formation of a working relationship between the newly formed team will be a problem.


  • Emergence of service needs for computer users provide a great opportunity to tap in where most IT players deal with product provision.
  • The internet is another source of an opportunity where many users need assistance whenever they come across an electronic glitch when accessing the web.
  • The IT industry is the most evolving industry in the world. New technologies are being developed on a daily basis, which are not well known to all persons hence the need for them being helped.


  • Adoption of the service we are offering is not very good since most people don't trust IT experts.
  • Continued innovation in the 21st century may render one's knowledge unviable if new technologies are not learnt. Hence the need to always read and learn.
  • Untrustworthy employees can cause financial risks threats if not well monitored.

Competitive Analysis

We aim to edge competition from our rivals through ensuring that we strategically position ourselves to our clients, by treating them as more of clients rather than customers. We ought to maintain a good and long lasting relation with our client by providing quality services that are mainly driven by the needs of our clients....

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