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A strategic plan is detailed of a clear vision that an organization has over a given time in the future. That is whereby there is the specification of the deliverables of the project components and review objectives' achievements. It involves setting goals and analyzing how well the objectives have been achieved over a given time. Strategic plan analysis is the scrutiny of a strategic plan to gauge how well the goals and objectives have been met. That is through the review of all activities that the strategic plan is composed of. The strategic plan analysis, in this case, is composed of three major parts. The parts are used to determine the quality of the strategic plan in determining organizational success. First, there is strategic performance and management. That is the scrutiny of how well the organization has been run based on the provisions of the strategic plan that was developed. Moreover, there is a public value, which determines the efficiency of the organization in its provision of services to the public. Lastly, there is social entrepreneurship, which reviews how the strategic la is used in funding, developing, and implementing solutions for the community's better welfare. Those are the three significant bases upon which the success of using the strategic plan is based.

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Strategic Performance and Management in Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations have the principal aim of improving the quality of welfare of people in society. That is their primary goal, which is humanitarian in nature. That is different from other profit-seeking organization whose main objective is to make profits. The profits are meant to fulfill the purposes of the organization's stakeholders who invested resources in the organization (Marr, 2008). Therefore, strategic management and performance in a profit-oriented organization are determined by the venture's returns. However, in the case of a non-profit organization, it is quite different. The strategic performance and management are gauged based on how well the organization is capable of meeting the needs of the people that it is serving (Ana-Maria et al., 2009). In this case, when the organization is operated well, the people will disabilities will have a better quality of life. The strategic performance of the organization, in this case, can be measured based on various deliverables that are part of the strategic plan. The quality of the goals and the efficiency with which they are met form part of the organization's strategic performance and management review.

The opinions of the people that are targeted by the activities of the organization form an essential aspect of reviewing strategic performance and management. That can be obtained from the review at the end of the strategic plan (Courtney, 2002). First, is the review of how the Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities is valuable for the people. Based on the reviews given by the population that was engaged, there was a reflection the organization was managed well. The performance and management were reflected in the positive reviews that were associated with the organization. From the analysis that was published as part of the strategic plan, 71% of the respondents found the organization extremely valuable. That is because it helps people in various ways, which helps create a great deal of convenience in their lives. The organization is precious means that the organization is achieving the deliverables on its strategic plan. That is through promoting and fostering outcomes for people that choose a good life in the community. Given a chance organization was not serving the interests of the community, then there would have been a negative review of that question.

Furthermore, 28% of the respondents rate the organization as being very valuable to their welfare. Therefore, 99% of the respondents viewed the organization as being of great value to their wellbeing. That was through their responses, which showed the organization was being managed well, and its strategic performance was above average. That indicates that the organization is excellent at meeting the deliverables that are part of its strategic plan. Only 1% of the respondents did not find the organization valuable in serving its purpose for the target population. The review is satisfactory, given the fact that almost all the people that were interviewed gave a positive review of its operations. The organization's ability to meet the needs of the families it serves is the other basis for reviewing its strategic performance and management. That is because that forms the significant aspect of performance and managerial review. Once more, 99% of the respondents agreed with the fact that the organization is addressing the needs of the families; it is meant to helping the community. Only 1% of the population did not approve of the activities that were being undertaken by the organization. Therefore, on that basis of being satisfactory to the needs of the families, it was serving, the organization n had a favorable review in this case.

Strategic management of any organization is reflected in the type of plans and future deliverables that an organization has (De Waal, 2013). In this case, that is reflected in the detail of the long term plan that the organization has. Through a set of specific deliverables, the organization has a strategic plan, where it is committed to achieving a well-defined set of activities. There are specified activities such as partner support, self-advocacy, Medicaid waivers, transportation, and many others. They are meant to take care of the people that are targeted by the organization. In addition to specified deliverables, there is a specification is the stage of completion of deliverables. That is a sign of an organization that is being managed well, given the detail of its performance and goals to be achieved (Kaplan, 2001). Therefore, based on the details in the organization's strategic plan, the community survey results, and stages of completion of deliverables, the organization can be termed as being well managed. That is because, based on its strategic plan, almost all the deliverables are met with satisfaction, and the target population is satisfied with the quality of service delivery.

Public Value

Public value is the description of the quality, or help that an organization adds to society. All organizations have different contributions to the community because of their primary operating activities. The public value is because of the human component of the organization. The social element that is subject to the public value can be within the organization or outside (Meynhardt, 2009). That can be in for of its employees, who are paid salaries and wages, hence go and help the society in multiple ways. Furthermore, it can be the general public through the provision of goods, services, and corporate social responsibility. Both profit-oriented and non-profit organizations have an aspect of public value because they do not operate in a vacuum. The value that they have for the public is expressed in multiple ways. That can be done through the analysis of its scope of activities. The value proposition is based on the public value governance framework, which determines the satisfaction of a venture (Moore, 2003). In this case, the public value can be obtained directly from the strategic plan that the non-profit organization has developed for its operations.

Public value in the Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities is developed through the significant operating activities that the organization specializes in. That is reflected through its vision statement, whereby fostering and promotion of outcomes for people who prefer a good life is their objective. That is achieved through a set of activities; which are well-detailed in its strategic plan (Bryson et al., 2014). First, there is the example of residential services that the organization helps to facilitate. That is whereby the organization is engaged in activities that are aimed at providing people with better living conditions. The move is informed by the fact that most of the people the organization serves to face the challenge of having poor quality of residential areas. That has led to a poor quality of life among them, which creates a deliverable for the organization. Public value is expressed through the provision of adaptive equipment, short and long-term emergency services, and home support programs. That is because most of the people targeted by the organization are unable to take care of themselves regarding the issues with housing that they are facing.

Public value is catered for in the strategic plan that is developed by the organization through maintenance services. That is whereby the organization provides upkeep services and facilities to the people it takes care of. The management of public value is based on the strategies adopted (Benington & Moore, 2010). Such includes custodial work, necessary repairs, and attending to related emergencies. That has the effect of helping people live a better fulfilling life. That is detailed in the strategic plan that is developed by the organization. That is through multiple deliverables, with an action plan and deliverables that are specified. Furthermore, there is a public value aspect in the form of transportation. The organization provides a fleet of vehicles that transport people across various locations. Related to the transport undertaking, there is a provision in the strategic plan where there is a plan for the purchase of more vehicles, which will serve to enhance the satisfaction of the people through improved reliability.

The management of public value is based on a well-established framework, which, in this case, the strategic plan (Stoker, 2006). Within the contents of the strategic plan, there is the other provision of public value, which is in the form of Medicaid waivers. The people that are served by the organization have an underlying challenge if low income. Despite the low levels of income, or poverty, they need medical aid to battle the various conditions they are facing in their daily lives. Without the drugs that improve their welfare, they are likely to deteriorate in terms of their health. That is where the Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities comes in to help. The help is through a series of programs that are served by the organization. First, the individual's waiver option, where the people with development activities can afford to stay in their residences as opposed to a healthcare facility. That is all enabled through the Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities through the Individual Options Waiver program. The other aspect of Medicare waiver is through a Self Empowered Life Funding Waiver, whereby an individual self-directs regarding the medical services provided. Through helping the people with disabilities get medical care, the organization achieves one of its most significant objectives of enhancing the better healthcare of people living with disabilities in the community.

In the strategic plan that the organization uses, the priority is the monitoring of the services that are meant to provide care to people living with disabilities. That is to be done monthly, whereby the stakeholders conduct outcome monitoring. That is intended to enable the people living with disabilities to achieve enhanced satisfaction from the organization's activities. Furthermore, there is the priority of enhancing the creation of employment opportunities for the people that are living with disabilities. That is because, among the disabled people, there are some with adequate skills, which can be used to generate employment income. Given the fact that on...

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