The Business Context Analysis on Example of Apple

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Date:  2022-03-29


The techniques of understanding a business context lie with the vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics of a business. When one intends to understand the nature of a business that is already in existence or that which is yet to start, it is important to use a business context analysis model. It is essentially what even the possible financiers use to assess what beneficiaries ask them to put their money into. Business context analysis is like breaking down a complex process into simpler terms for every stakeholder. The aim is to help every interested party understand the venture better. The image below elaborates the whole business as a set of various structures that essentially make the Business Analysis Model.

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Vision refers to what the owner of a business pictures their business in some future days. Therefore, vision provides a virtual path that a business needs to take. Apple's vision is to keep innovating (OGrady, 2009). This vision makes every new iPhone the company makes exhibit new innovative features. A good example is the iPhone X which is different from the previous iPhones in all aspects. It comes with an immensely bigger screen and has no physical buttons like all its predecessors. The overall user interface is advanced and all operations are seamlessly easy. What makes it so is the absence of the physical buttons so all operations are achieved by either just a swipe of a tap on the screen.


Mission refers to the fundamental reason why a business or an organization exists. Mission, therefore, helps the business remain within its niche. Apple's mission is to produce the best personal computers worldwide, lead in the music gadgets, and also produce reinvented smartphones (OGrady, 2009). The necessity of having a mission is to help the contributors understand their roles. It is also a better way to help the various authorities and communities within which investors intend to put up their businesses. The mission can be making profits and helping the society or helping the society with no primary mission to make profits.


Objectives are the steps through which the overall mission of the business shall be achieved. Apple focuses on every part of their product to make sure that the whole device is both inventive and ideal. If it's a personal computer, they often work to reinvent the keyboard. If it's a smartphone, it works to reinvent the camera (Elliot, 2012). Objectives are mostly helpful during production or service delivery stage. Companies give every single step attention to detail to ensure that the production team achieves the objectives in each phase.


Strategies are the choices picked to achieve the objectives. They include tactics to be employed and often are complex and to some extent confusing. For strategies to be effective, they must shed light on tactics. Apple, for instance, seeks Samsung for the production of its smartphone screens because Samsung is the leading producer of high-quality smartphone screens (A bite of the Apple Samsung Strategy to Conquer Apple and Rule Silicon Valley, 2017). In a nutshell, when one reaches the point of making strategies, the question they simple ask include, for the case of Apple for instance, what will we do to make the best lit iPhone screen? Where will we get the raw materials? How different will we make our phone's screen to look like?


Tactics refer to the methods of carrying out the strategies. Strategies must be simple so that even people who have little or no knowledge of analyzing the business context can implement them. For example, Apple uses research findings to condense to its employees why certain procedures are necessary. Tactics are also mostly company specific. They are the simplest yet powerful tools for making a company unique. They keep companies better than and above others in the market. Tactics are often after outdoing the competition. They are more of what the workers do in their daily routines than written instructions. Consider the image below and you will notice that the Tactics appear at the very bottom because it is the path through which even the subordinate employees interact with the business mission, objectives, and strategy.


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