Paper Example on Security Issues in a Casino

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Date:  2021-03-29

First Day Working in a Casino

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All establishments have different security concerns that are unique to their environment. Casinos are no exceptions. In most cases, they tend to have a broader set of security issues compared to any other settings. This is because casinos are situated in entertainment centers, restaurants as well as hotels where in most cases people carry a lot of cash. Such locations could be easily susceptible to an assault from thieves looking for easy targets. In addition, casinos are mostly crowded with a lot of persons and accidents could often occur. This essay is a discussion of the various threats that could face a casino and a description of how they could be solved.

Possible Threats On a Casino


Most casinos face an imminent threat of theft (Lee). This is because most casinos are situated in recreational centers and other entertainment joints where there is a high traffic of persons. In most cases, people carry lots of cash for recreation in such places. As such, they become prone to theft through pickpockets, robbery with violence among others.


Fire is another possible threat that may face persons recreating in a casino. This is because such places are characterized by loud noises from music, live performance and gaming equipment among others. Such loud noises prevent persons from hearing any fire alarms or smoke detector signals that could ring in the event of a fire outbreak. As such, it may become immensely challenging for people to detect instances of fires in a casino. Fires in a casino are contributed by hazards such as thrown cigarette butts by smokers, or from a short circuit in the buildings wiring system.


Accidents are also possible threats that may face people attending casinos. This is because, due to a large number of persons in casino centers, the majority of people may fail to notice situational hazards that could cause an accident. Such hazards may include a spillage of a drink on the floor, shattered glasses on the floor and sinks, as well as slippery titles on the ablution rooms.

Medical Emergency

Just like any other place, emergency medical conditions could also occur inside casinos. An example of such emergency may include asthma attacks that may be contributed by the stuffiness caused by having a lot of people inside a single building. Persons may also be affected by other medical conditions such as heart attacks among others.

Gambling Schemes

Customers attending a casino may also fall at risk of fraud or gambling schemes, which are considered to be acts of felonies or assault. Such acts may be performed by thieves masking themselves as potential customers for the casino. Gambling schemes in a casino are also performed by employees who may steal and pocket some chips to attain more money from the casino.

Gambling schemes inside a casino could also be in the form of switching. In this case, a thief makes a mark on a person who might appear to be carrying a lot of funds or other valuables in a briefcase or a bag (Strickhouser). The thief then acquires an identical bag and switches it to his/her marks bag unsuspectedly. The marker steals the bag with the valuables and leaves the victim's bag with invaluable items such as rocks.

Method to Handle Such Threats

CCTV Cameras

One of the most effective methodologies that can be used to handle threats in a casino is the use of CCTV cameras. This is because they enable security personnel to monitor a relatively large area inside the casino at a single strategic place (Peak). As such, security personnel should install every section of the casino facility with a CCTV camera. The personnel must ensure that all blind spots inside the casino rooms are covered by at least a single CCTV camera. An effective usage of a CCTV camera can help security personnel to attain an unarguable image of cheating, assault, as well as embezzlement of funds inside a casino.

Security and Surveillance Officers

Surveillance officers should be stationed at all the doors and entrances in and out of a Casino. Such personnel should be aggressive in ensuring that no security threat may affect any potential customer visiting the casino. The security officers should also use metal detectors to detect any foreign element such as guns, which could be entered inside a casino. Ultimately, they should also perform a thorough examination of all visitors and staff members when they are entering a casino.


In conclusion, casinos have a broader range of risks compared to any other establishment. This is because they are situated in entertainment centers, restaurants as well as hotels where in most cases people carry a lot of cash. Such areas are highly susceptible to various security threats such as thefts, fire, medical emergencies, gambling schemes and accidents. Such threats can be managed by employing various security maintenance strategies such as using CCTV cameras and employing sufficient security and surveillance officers.

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