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The Safety Policy pillar of the Safety Management System establishes the need to create clear safety targets of an organization and the commitment of the management towards sustainable safety while ensuring that an organization creates an organization structure, processes, and methods that are in alignment with the organization safety needs. The Safety Policy pillar of the SMS is an important proactive approach to ensure an organization safety because it influences the type of goals, processes and organization structure that an organization will adapt to ensure safety. Therefore, an organization can adopt an organizational structure and procedures that promote safety within an organization. The Safety Policy requires an organization to have a clear safety management approach that is documented regarding procedures for incident reporting and requires high cooperation and accountability amongst an organization stakeholders (Maurino, 2017).

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Safety Risk Management

Safety Risk Management is a pillar of the Safety Management System that is responsible for the assessment of risk within a process or organization to establish the hazards and the possible control processes that can be put in place by an organization. The Safety Risk Management is a process of establishing hazards which makes it a predictive approach to guard an organization against possible risk. The identification of the risks is followed by the risk assessment which identifies possible damage to the organization or process which helps create mitigation approaches ("Safety Management System," 2017).

Safety Assurance

The Safety Assurance of the Safety Management System helps an organization to assess the sustainability of the risk control processes within an organization or process. The Safety Assurance process is a very important proactive and predictive system which can be used to promote continuous safety by helping establish any new risks or help an organization to improve the existing risk control measures. Safety Assurance can be achieved through the creation of standards, directives, and processes to assure product consumers or machine operator's safety. Another Safety Assurance approach is through the creation of a reporting system and regular system assessment. The Safety Assurance function of the Safety Management System is a continuous process to ensure unraveling of future risks and continuous review of the risk mitigation protocols in place (Maurino, 2017).

Safety Promotion

The Safety Promotion pillar of the Safety Management System is a proactive safety management approach that includes the training of the employees, creation of a safety culture within an organization and promotion of proper communication. Training on safety management within an organization is a proactive approach that equips the employees with the necessary skills required to respond to risky events. Ensuring proper communication and cooperation within an organization can help in the mitigation process as well as promote continuous risk assessment ("Safety Management System," 2017).


Maurino, D. (2017). Why SMS: An introduction and overview of safety management systems. International Transport Forum

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