Essay Sample on the Most Admirable Leaders of the Past: Martin Luther King Junior

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Date:  2022-11-15


Romantic heroes generally refer to gallant and independent people in the society. These are the few individuals in the community who rely on their ideas and minds and are not easily swayed. They are characterized by the fact that they are introverts and most of the time they stayed alone to give them quiet time to meditate on issues that revolve around their minds. The outstanding trait of such people is that they mostly antagonized the authority in all means and not limited to religious and social norms.

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Martin Luther King junior was an African-American hero who was the son of a Baptist minister. He studied a degree in theology. Martin Luther King is one of the renowned heroes who fight for the rights of black Americans in the United States. In the year 1955, he assists in organizing the first and the chief protest of the Africa-America civil rights movement. At that time the black American was discriminated based on the race and the color. The black Americans could not get asses to proper education, unlike white Americans. The white Americans had their specific schools which could not be attended by the black Americans. The black Americans were also restricted from living in some particular areas which they called it reserves; this was the barren and unfertile land which could not produce any crop, (Namakula, C. S. 2017).

Furthermore, black Americans were not allowed to participate in any leadership roles, and they believe that black Americans ware poor and short of knowledge and skills of leadership. In terms of employment black Americans were discriminated, they could not get what they term as white collar jobs, so this made them remain slaves and only work on the farms of the white to earn their living. The discrimination also went to an extent where police could mistreat the black American with no significant mistake, (Asree, S.2016).

These are the issues which Martin Luther King junior stand out and fight against. He advocated for civil disobedience and non-violent antagonism and discrimination on South America. The peaceful protest he spearheaded in the south was more often met with violent, but he remains focus with his followers. In 1964 the movement led by Luther King junior achieved two of its most significant triumphs, the ratification of the 24th amendment which tailored towards removing the poll tax and the civil right act of 1964 which deterred racial discrimination in the sector of employment and education and abolishment of racial favoritism in public facilities. Martin Luther King junior became the first youngest person to win the Nobel the late 1960s the king openly attack the involvement in Vietnam and tailored his efforts to winning economic rights for the poor people in Americans which was mostly black Americans. Martin Luther King, later on, was assassinated due to his fight against civil injustice, (Williams, C. 2018)


Martin Luther King Junior is of the most admirable leaders of the past that fight for the injustices that was depicted in the leadership of the American government. However much the antagonism and mistreatment that he faces, he was able to stand by his mind until the revolution was brought to America, this is a good example that can be applied in the governments of today. There are many injustices today in the current governments ranging from corruption, discrimination on job opportunities, looting of public facilities and dictatorship, this is the vices that need people like Martin Luther to fight against to promote equality for all and provide an equal opportunity for all.


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