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Why Was the Florentine Medici Family Important to Renaissance Art?

The family of Medici Florentine was perceived to be endowed with riches majorly regarding finance. The family had a bank which was the most respected among all financial institutions in Europe. The family was known to be influential to the art renaissance Medici being a banker aided the artist in payment of the important commission was completed and paid in advance. The son of Medici is the leading political figure had a responsibility of commissioning the work and supported some of the artists namely Fra Angelico and Donatello. Through the able leadership of Florentine Medici, the Renaissance art was ready to blossom well.

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What Happened in Florence Culturally and Artistically During the Early Renaissance? Where Did These Ideas Come From?

During the early Renaissance, the art, as well as culture, changed drastically. There were some advancements in line with the techniques, the old way of thinking was cast away as a result of the adoption of the new philosophy of the humanism which proportionately resulted in approval of visual arts. The artistic work encompasses the paintings, architecture, and sculptures. As a result of mathematics from prominent designers pioneered technical achievements in architecture. There was also the greater realism in painting work where work was being done in a precise form; the posture became real and meaningful and postures which were emotional.

Culturally, there was the development of science and technology, the growth of renaissance education, the general increase of literature. The changes resulted from the able leaders who were responsible for every aspect. The leadership influence brought the new interest in learning in the natural context.

Why Is the Renaissance Period So Crucial in the Development of Western Art?

The period of renaissance depicted great importance in the development of western art in the following ways: The western countries were able to adopt an ideal political system since there was the existence of humanism.

The trade, tactics in the military, as well as other developments, took place as a result of a renaissance. All the types of advancements which took place in the west was directly proportional to those in the renaissance era. Industrialization was seen to boom as the society shifted from just practicing agriculture to engaging in other economically viable practices such as trade.

It is also evident that renaissance contributed to the regular innovations in the western countries as a result of the adoption of technological strategies. Furthermore, unification with other nations was made possible as a result of reinsurance. It is successful as a result of a religion that existed among the people. In Europe, the Renaissance became a transport medium for exploration since human beings tend to find new approaches for research to the east. It was done with a view of finding all routes for water.

Some of the significant artists include Giotto. He was a renowned painter in the Renaissance who executed his work in the painting Scovegni chapel. There was a depiction of the theme of salvation from his painting. He also painted the adoration of Magni among other minor tasks.

Duccio was another example of an influential painter who painted the Maesta Altarpiece and the Crevole Madonna. The Altarpiece painting has been a unique building ever achieved in ancient history. Cimabue was also a prominent painter whose effort was seen in the arts of Madonna church.

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