Paper Example on Pursuing PhD in Finance: Advancing Financial Studies at Desired Institution

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Date:  2023-09-08

Research proposal for PhD in finance at (Desired Institution)–Advancement of Financial Studies in the Management, Planning and Controlling sector from Master of Business Administration, International Business at Clayton State University.

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I am writing to communicate my enthusiasm for pursuing a PhD in finance under the Financial Management, Planning and Controlling at (Desired institution).

I wish to apply for the Finance Department's doctoral program at (institution name) for the specialization in Financial Management, Planning and Controlling. The research interests for the finance doctoral program have exploration advantages that are a fantastic match for my scholarly background.

I studied Economics for my Bachelor of Arts at King Khalid University — Abha, KSA, and it is in this period that I developed a specific enthusiasm for accounting. Facilitating this intrigue, my BA proposition, which was administered by (B.A supervisor’s name), utilized factual techniques to examine the pace of private companies' development when efficient account auditing is imposed. The aim was not exclusively to consider the account auditing contentions in regards to least wages and private ventures, yet in addition to discover proof about whether different account auditing approaches energized or disheartened the development of independent ventures. This enthusiasm resulted in my accountant auditor position at Balasmar Municipality, Abha, Saudi Arabia, in June 2003 — April 2004.

Subsequent to finishing my BA in Economics, I embraced a Master of Business Administration in International Business at Clayton State University — Morrow, GA. This course broadened my knowledge of the various business relations globally among the different organizations, governments, individuals, etc. Subsequently, I utilized this knowledge in my postulation venture on how the accounting auditing used by several companies and organizations influences the business's capacity to finance climate changes in the profits gained. My aim all through this task was to gather more proof on the impact of new account auditing laws on the drawn-out stability of the Royal Saudi Air Force company, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which I later got employment as an Accountant Auditor-financial management.

I presently wish to proceed with my scholastic career with a PhD in finance, and I cannot envision a superior spot to examine this than the business college at (Desired Institution). I appreciate the finance department’s duty to both reasonableness and exactness. I wish to advance my work on the ever-best account auditing of my recent Company or any other that I may come to contact with. I especially do wish to work with (Desired Professor), whose work in Financial Management, Planning and Controlling on various businesses have been an incredible wellspring of motivation for me.

This exploration can add to the hypothetical models of various business organizations’ development in financial aspects; however, it can also contribute genuine incentives to policymakers and entrepreneurs. As independent ventures are frequently touted as the balance to the move towards huge worldwide organizations because of globalization, more noteworthy comprehension of how to cultivate these business organizations and help them to develop can turn out to be increasingly important later on.

My personal experience in the three organizations that I have worked with so far demonstrates how I have made progress in my finance profession field. The experiences are vast. Therefore, I will only provide a summary as most of them are in the cv attached.

In the present Company that I work for, Royal Saudi Air Force, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, since Nov. 2007, I Am humbled to demonstrate some work experience as an Accountant Auditor under the financial management office. Some of the experience in this Company therefore include;

Accounting and Auditing achievements, such as:

  1. Allocating funds for salaries and scholarships and management skills.
  2. Closing tasks on time to help in closing accounts receivables.
  3. Responsible Book Keeping and monthly, quarterly and yearly audit result.
  4. Preparation of annual Air Force report.
  5. Cheque management such as entering cheques received from a customer in accounts receivable and Issuing Bank deposit slips for all cheques received.
  6. Updating the budget template for the Royal Saudi Air Force.
  7. Keeping and maintaining all financial and accounting books
  8. Responsible for handling, Inventory management system, and fixed asset.
  9. Updating of Company's budget template for all strategic business units and support departments.
  10. Preparing day to day entries to accounts software.
  11. Assist in updating expenses template management account in monthly Management Information.
  12. Maintaining the Air Force's leading Petty Cash.

Contract and Project Management achievements are as follows:

  1. Following an approved contracts Judgment with a Decision-making Service Orientation.
  2. Checking the daily improvement of projects negotiation and cognitive Flexibility.
  3. Handling and creation of investment sites.
  4. Propose the best way of financing project.
  5. Create, review and report on the financial performance of stations and projects.

I have successfully achieved business reconciliations and restorations through my negotiation skills in the Royal Saudi Air Force demonstrated by the following:

  1. Establishing a relationship with banks and financial institutions and negotiating the best financial deals.
  2. Monthly reconciliations of Other Income, bank accounts & Petty Cash reimbursement & duty advanced monthly with necessary entries to maintain outstanding items.
  3. Monthly management account reporting, reconciliations, and developing internal controls and promoting segregation duties.
  4. Clearing all old outstanding items in bank reconciliation and passing necessary Journal Voucher to correct entries.
  5. Job recovering from other staff on leave
  6. Reconciliation of several Bank Accounts (local & international) and General Ledger Accounts.

As an Operations Manager —National Commercial Bank, Abha, Saudi Arabia in March 2004 — June 2007, is was able to achieve the following:

  1. Recognized for outstanding performance that saved Company $4 billion complex problems solving.
  2. Performed currency exchanges staff training and development.
  3. Covered shares hall and manage the branches during vacations.
  4. Internet Banking, Payroll, E-Payment Service, e-Collection solution.
  5. Lead the discussion with coverage.
  6. Actively maintained knowledge of the market, competition, regulatory developments to act internally and externally as a trusted advisor.
  7. Contacting manufacturers and follow-up for Imports Department transactions
  8. Rewards as one of the best sales in consumer finance Sector.
  9. Build and program a system to trace the Sales performance activity daily.
  10. Consultative, product-neutral approach providing the best solution for the client with a long-term relationship in mind.

Additionally, I possess the following skills and abilities which may be useful in the pursuit of my doctorate program:

  1. I speak fluent English and Arabic languages. This is proved by an accounting certificate from Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accounts, SOCPA.
  2. The Diploma certificate of Governmental accounting in Al-Suqour Center for training and consultants, Amman, Jordan, confirms my accounting ability.
  3. Excellent Oracle, CCR, and Building Information Modelling, BIM skills. This means that I am talented in solving complex problems, critical thinking, and creativity in areas concerning my profession.
  4. I am also good at Governance and decision-making with service orientation and negotiation.

The above section of my enormous credentials depicts my professional level in managing, planning, and controlling business organizations. These companies have been proven to have undergone rapid growth under my tenure as an accounting employee. Therefore, it means that the success or decline of any organization relies on the organization's financial management, which I am good at. Therefore, scholastic advancement in this vital sector of any organization will be beneficial to society.

With my insight into the subject of Financial Management, Planning and Controlling, and my involvement in account auditing, I am confident that I can finish the finance research project that I have proposed to an exclusive standard. My proposal ventures were both for a little scope, anyway as of late, I have been chipping in as an exploration colleague in a co-usable task for my supervisor's gathering on financial contrasts in business organizations creation, which has given me experience for enormous projects as well. This experience has helped me design out the ideal opportunity for my PhD everything to be real and confident.

During my PhD studies, I will often develop my research questions, pick the best technique to address those questions, and inspire and organize myself to complete my work. In reality, most academia individuals are usually held up with other issues of life. They may end up losing focus in their research studies, but my motivation for the finance studies will not give me a chance to lose focus in my research studies.

Upon completing the PhD in finance, I plan to either seek a postdoc placement in scholastic finance or work as a specialist for the various profitable business organizations around the globe. I accept that with my insight and experience with this inexorably significant field, I can add to both the (the desired Institution) and the more extensive control of financial matters, with an eye on the needs of business organizations.

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