Paper Example on Possible Economic and Long-Term Impact of Cryptocurrencies

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Date:  2022-07-07


Long-term economic effect on the financial market is what determines the next commercial move of a country. Cryptocurrencies have been a digital currency that recently entered the market. Initial most people were not familiar and aware of the coin. Cryptocurrency is essential in the today's market; this is important as it regulates the moves on the currency between countries thus market. It is a good thing because you can invest in. There is the economic and long-term effect of cryptocurrency that is built in the market. The change that moves a market should be long enough to create change in the financial market. Once I became familiar with this topic, I had to research and found out the possible outcomes that cryptocurrency created in the financial market. I wanted to familiarize and determine either impact was positive or negative one. The effect of cryptocurrency should be confident to ensure that the existence of the market remains for an extended period. The paper here analyses the research on the possible impact of cryptocurrency on the financial market and how it was achieved.

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Because of the tremendous financial move or change in the market, it has been my interest to research on this project which is cryptocurrency long-term impact on the financial market. I had a lot about the change that cryptocurrency was impacting on the financial market, and this is the reason as to why I decided to form a research project. The evolution of cryptocurrency existed when shareholders wanted to generate profits for their own. Stakeholders wished to invest in the market. As the business was creating money, most countries and their members got into it because they felt the change. Evolution of cryptocurrency depended on currency in the market and how the market moved.

When I started the project I could not believe that I would make but, I had moral and contacted research to get myself familiar with the positive impact that cryptocurrency was creating in the financial market. I used research question to come up with the substantial evidence that indeed financial market was gaining popularity and countries economic was moving in a positive direction. Some of the research questions that I used included; how does cryptocurrency influence the growth of money value, how does cryptocurrency work? What was its economic impact on an individual's life as well as their country? How was the market during the early time and now? The research questions were vital as it was easy to understand and find solutions.

The drafts that I made from the research about the impact cryptocurrency was creating on financial market was useful. It was so because peer review was positive (Emerson pg. 17). It was no easy because at first, the investigation was not as good as I had expected, but all in all, the thing worked.

The economic impact that cryptocurrency is creating in the financial market is excellent. Impact include monetary value regulation. Countries economy remains stable; this is because each of the participating countries did not want to lose the value of their money. The long-term impact of cryptocurrency is on the market creation and source of income (Hayes pg. 1308). The profit made from the cryptocurrency was based on the movement of the market as far as the currency change was experienced. The financial and demand action in most cases determined the kind of the profit one makes thus an impact created in the market.

The overall strategy worked, questions gave way forward and substantial reasons to work with the project. The sources were chosen to ensure that the provided information is reliable, something that reader could rely upon. The sources that I included in the market was well researched on. The researched question was used to find live lecturing. The live lecturing videos pave a way in finding the sources that were cited hence the research completion. I even went further and used the questionnaire as the method of data collection.

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