Paper Example on Positive Cash Flow and Working Capital Strategies Enhance Profitability of BAT Bangladesh

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Date:  2023-02-23

The efficiency of budgeting, planning, and control of the working capital has impacted the profitability of British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Ltd. furthermore, profoundly palatable because of the positive inflows of cash, arranged methodology in handling the significant components of working capital. Uses of blending current assets models that are multi-dimensional might have a good impact on the constant development and advancement of this multinational venture. This relies upon the co-activity of the business environment and stakeholders concerning globalization. For any organization to work meaningfully, there must be a reasonable bearing of where it is leading to or what it is aiming to accomplish. The standard of objectives and methods for monitoring subsidiaries from standard prerequisites are a significant concern. These contemplations must be met through budgeting, planning just as controlling. A financial limit has been defined as a subjective arrangement for the most part in money related terms for the inevitable accounting year of the ensuring time frame. Budgeting planning/short term planning is the way towards preparing stepwise plans for short term (usually a year). It is for building the capacity, exercises, and branches of the organization in a manner that converts the long-haul co-work plan into yearly activity. Budgeting administrations as an essential instrument for planning and control increase I productivity, in that budgeting helps planning for the future if benefits as a control work through man commitment by a particular case, which is the evaluation of execution to control. It helps in co-coordinating the work management in request to coordinate the exercises of the organization.

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BANGLADESH TOBACCO COMPANY LTD. (BTC) was a brother of British American Tobacco Company Ltd. (BATC). The historical backdrop of BTC goes back to 1926 when Hadridas Roy and Messrs Usher opened an office branch of Imperial Tobacco Company Ltd. It was framed with the liabilities and assets of Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) Ltd. held in Pakistan. The Liberation War was battled in 1971, and another nation, Bangladesh, was conceived. On 2nd February 1972, Bangladesh Tobacco Company Limited was assimilated under the Company Act of 1913 with the liabilities and assets of Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited. The portion of BATCO was 67%, while 32% offer was granted to the Bangladeshi investors. The capital paid up was Tk. 3.75 crores.

Lately, the firm has been renamed British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Ltd. (BATBCL). It owns a cigarette industrial facility at Mohakhali, Dhaka, and a leaf plant in Kushtia. It has sales and leaf depots everywhere throughout the nation. It has 33,000 enrolled tobacco ranchers; they are granted every conceivable help by the organization to develop eminent tobacco. The organization markets thirteen brands of pipe tobacco and cigarettes all over Bangladesh. The organization has given direct openings for work of around 3,200 individuals and interjects a lot of cash every year to the nationalized exchequer in the structure excise duty, VAT, customs duty and income tax. Working management, that is, budgeting, planning, and control, is another zone stressed for the gainful use of their accessible assets from the right growth strategies, the solvency of finance, and cash flows. This examination teaches the various ways and systems of working capital budgeting, planning, and control to build up the sound financial base and profitability of the organization.


Budgetary Control

If there is a distinction between the real sum realized or incurred and the related forecasted budget, there exists a variance of budget (Garisson, 2003). The investigation has been done on the "jobs of Budgetary Control System (BCS) as a segment of the Management Control System (MCS) in sustaining and creating upper hand" and thought of a positive end. They reasoned that; however, BCS could assume a leading job in establishing a productive MCS for building a sustainable upper hand, budgeting won't work in seclusion. "Rather, it tends to be utilized all the more viably by tactically joining it with emergent strategic arranged learning endeavor (Olagunju, 2014). Hirsch condenses the variance casualty. Control is the way towards ensuring that an association's exercises fit in with its arrangement and that its goals are accomplished. Friedlob and Plewa (2002) put it clear that good budget variances are "for the most part indications of proficient, viable cost management and increases in total compensation." Budgetary control, in this manner, is planning ahead of time different business elements with the aims that the company can be controlled in general. In a perfect world, budgetary control works with a system of costing standards because the two systems are interconnected. Budgetary control correlates expenditure to the individual with whom the expense is incurred so that the actual costs can be contrasted against the budget cost. The budget identifies with a gauge measure of cash to be gotten or incurred concerning an operating unit, local government, division, company, district, council, or a country. Models identify with the cost of sales estimation of a unit of items or administrations. According to Adeniyi (2013), budgetary control is a piece of in general system of accountability accounting in the organization. This is an accounting system where revenues and costs are investigated in understanding with zones of specific duties so that the budget performance holders can be checked in terms of finance.

As indicated by Arora (2010), the goals of budgetary control can be abridged under the following:

  • To impart desires to all worried about the firm management to implement, support, and to understand them.
  • To give a point by point game plan for diminishing vulnerability and the correct heading of collective and individual endeavors to achieve objectives.
  • To coordinate the efforts and activities so that the use of resources is boosted.
  • To give approaches to measure and control the presentation units and people and to supply data founded on which significant corrective move could be made.
  • To express objectives of the organizations in open, official terms to keep away from disarray and also to enhance their feasibility

As per Lucey (1996), control is the capacity that estimates deviations from arranged execution and gives data after which corrective move can be made. Corrective action is either to adjust future performance to comply with the first arrangement or to alter the first arrangement. Others included that spending limit is a mechanism of control as it involves setting up focuses to be cultivated in a given timeframe supported by the cost usage. A spending limit is an announcement setting out the non-quantitative perspectives, numerical or monetary of an association's strategies for the forthcoming year, month, or week (Haggerty, 2011). Budgetary control referred to the analysis of the happenings when those strategies plans arose to be tried, and what the association did or didn't do to address for any possible variations from the plans.

As per Ackoff as cited by Abel, coming up next are budgetary control forms:

  • Predicting the result of choices in terms of measures of performance
  • Collecting data on real performance
  • Comparing real outcomes with anticipated performance
  • When a choice is seemed to have been insufficient, revising the strategy that delivered it and adjusting its outcomes where conceivable is done.

Budgetary control also is an arrangement of controlling costs that incorporates the planning of spending plans. Pandey (2015) sees budgetary control as an arrangement of controlling costs that include the preparation of spending plans. Planning is hence, just a piece of the budgetary control. Control is accomplished through the persistent revealing of genuine advancement and uses comparative with plans. The point of budgetary control is to give a proper premise to monitoring the improvement of the association all in all and of its segment parts towards the accomplishment of the objectives determined in spending plans (Lucey,1996).

Statement of the Problem

Usually, organization, whether service or manufacturing, required great budgeting for expanding productivity. Budgeting as a tool for controlling and planning increases productivity. This is the issue of qualified staff that is needed with the end goal of execution, implementation, and preparation of budgeting. Regions of duty will be chosen by budgeting, planning, and control, and furthermore, budgeting pressure is another issue. The examination will, in this manner, restricted down to one organization and determine in the case of budgeting, planning, and control contribute towards expanding productivity in an organization or not.

Significance of the Study

The importance of this examination is fundamental to its contribution and benefit to organizations and individuals as a matter of first importance. This investigation will fill in as significant objectives reference to the top official of the organization who needs to accomplish productivity in production. It will likewise be noteworthy to students who want to complete further research on this zone of study. Besides, the finding of this examination will be valuable to both the organization and some other comparable organization. It is essential even for the general public in the field as it delineates the idea of issues related to budgeting.

Objectives of the Study

The significant aim of the current investigation is to evaluate and examine the working capital budgeting, planning, and control in BATBCL over a time of 5 years (1999-2000 to 2002-2003). The particular objectives of the investigation are as under:

  • To scrutinize the budgeting, planning, and control example of stock in the BATBCL during 1999-2003.
  • To evaluate and analyze receivables the board alongside its effect on working capital budgeting, planning, and control.
  • To analyze the position of cash and the proficiency with which the equivalent is overseen during the period.
  • To survey the present positions of liability and the proficiency with which the general working capital is overseen.
  • To recommend a few measures for development in working capital budgeting, planning, and control of BATBCL.


The accompanying hypotheses are tried in the present examination to distinguish the points of interest and confinements of the component:

  • Hypothesis 1: A positive, positive correlation exists between the profitability of the BATBCL and efficiency in its working capital.
  • Hypothesis 2: Positive correlation exists between profitability and the organizational market ratio.
  • Hypothesis 3: An additional correlation exists between profitability ratio and efficiency ratio.
  • Hypothesis 4: An additional positive correlation exists between market ratio and efficiency ratio.
  • Hypothesis 5: Sure, a correlation exists between market ratio and liquidity.

Review of Past Studies

Broad research takes a shot at working capital budgeting, planning and control have been performed in both private and public areas incorporating Multinational Companies in Bangladesh. Mohiuddin (1983) had directed an examination on a budget of cash. The fundamental objectives of budgeting include controlling, planning, and organizing all the three exist in the budget of money. Accordingly, the viability of the cash budget limits liquidity issues.

Islam and Rahman (1994) had an article on " Working capital Trends of the Selected Enterprises in Bangladesh." Optimum of working capital empowers a firm to have its credit established...

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