Paper Example on Parrot OS & Kali Linux: Similarities & Differences

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Parrot operating system is an open source GNU/Linux allotment, which is built on Debian testing. Security personnel and software developers use it. However, Kali Linux is also a Debian-based Linux allotment meant for sophisticated security auditing and testing of penetrations. The two operating systems serve a more similar objective. The following are some of the similarities between the Parrot operating system and the Kali Linux operating system.

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  • The two operating systems are designed for testing penetrations.
  • They both support thirty-two bit and sixty-four-bit structural design.
  • They both support virtual private network in cloud.
  • They are built as per the Debian standards of development.
  • The two operating systems are inclusive of initially installed hacking tools.
  • They support the internet of things devices.

Advantages of Parrot As Compared To Kali

In the Parrot operating system, there is no graphical acceleration required, whereas, in the Kali Linux, a graphical acceleration is needed. Graphical acceleration is quite expensive since a chipset known as the graphics accelerator is purchased and attached to the video board of the computer system.

Parrot operating system requires a minimum of 320 MB to run, whereas Kali Linux requires a minimum of 1 GB to run. It is incredibly lightweight and doesn't lag much as compared to Kali, which is a bit heavy.

The appearance of the Parrot operating system is more attractive in comparison to the Kali Linux. It is inclusive of a top pane at the left side that holds applications, places, and the system. This is comparable to the Kali Linux operating system. The left side of the lower pane contains the menu, and the right side has the workspace manager in it. Even though appearance preference remains to be personal, one would find it difficult to turn down the appearance of the Parrot Linux operating system.

Parrot is inclusive of various applications once it is installed in a computer system. It has office application by default, and games such as chess. This application software was built such that anyone can find it easy to use, unlike Kali Linux, which was developed specifically for hackers.

With the help of the work space manager, Parrot operating system provides a platform where a user can program on one screen, and perform another task on another. Previous versions of the Kali Linux operating system had this feature, unlike the current versions.

Parrot operating system entails a unique, powerful feature in it known as the system manager. This feature notifies the user about the processes, properties, and file systems in use. In Kali Linux, this can only be performed through the use of a command-line, which makes it difficult for users without the knowledge of the command line.

Both Parrot and Kali operating systems come with numerous variations. Nevertheless, Parrot operating system has quite a lot in terms of variety

  • Parrot Sec OS full edition
  • Parrot Sec OS lite edition
  • Parrot Sec OS air edition
  • Parrot Sec OS studio edition

Parrot operating system contains a unique feature known as the Anon Surf. This attribute prompts the user to root online interchange via the TOR network.

Lastly, the parrot operating system offers cryptography, which helps in the creation of encrypted folders quickly. This is essential because hackers always work with stuff that should be hidden.

Disadvantages of Parrot As Compared To Kali

Parrot Linux is less stable compared to the Kali Linux operating system. This is because so far, Kali Linux has not experienced many bugs as compared to Parrot operating system.

Moreover, the Parrot operating system is not well recognized; hence, a user cannot access its applications easily since no numerous persons are using it, unlike the Kali operating system, which is very common to users.

Since the Parrot Linux does not require graphics acceleration, the computer system performance to dispose of different data-processing tasks from the central processing unit is not boosted.

The parrot security operating system lacks the Metasploit tool that is used for numerous reasons, such as system hacking and mobile hacking.

Parrot operating system is not minimalistic out of the box as compared to Kali Linux operating system. This, however, can be changed with a small number of graphical user interface amendments and a different wallpaper.

Parrot security operating systems are more expensive in comparison to the Kali Linux operating system. This is because it is inclusive of various multiple software applications ready for use by the user.

Parrot operating systems do not support as many wireless devices as possible, as Kali Linux operating system can. This allows Kali to run appropriately on numerous types of hardware, thus prompting it to be very compatible, unlike the Parrot operating system.

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