Paper Example on Organizational Analysis: Process of Growth Appraisal and Problem Resolution

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The organizational analysis relates to the process of growth appraisal, as well as other operations within the work environment. Organizational analysis is essential in the sense that it enables the organization's management in identifying the various areas of weakness as well as finding the fundamental approaches in eliminating such challenges (Joseph, Taylor & Quan, 2017). For effective implementation of organizational analysis mechanism, it is essential to create an organizational analysis and design plan within the organization. This paper shall delve into pertinent understanding issues that are often experienced in the development of the organizational analysis and design plan, particularly of a hospital system.

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Identification of Ethical Dilemma

Organizational ethics in the health systems are sometimes referred to as institutional ethics. It relates to the ethical analysis of the decisions that are taken by various healthcare organizations. For instance, the health care system faces the challenges of uncompensated care and charity, which have resultant impacts on the financial aspects of the organization (Joseph, Taylor & Quan, 2017). Again, poor accommodation of the patients' needs is also one of the most significant challenges that often influence most of the healthcare systems.

Even though most of the disease burdens are associated with chronic conditions, the healthcare system is still focused mainly on the provision of acute care which is substantially insufficient in meeting the specific needs of the chronically ill patients. The treatment for chronic conditions must be continuous across various settings and provider types. There is a need for collaboration between clinicians and the patients in the development of joint care plans that with some goals that are agreed upon, targets as well as an implementation strategy.

Organizational Context from a Management and Leadership Perspectives

The management has got diverse views with regards to the healthcare system challenges experienced within the organization. Most of the members of the management leadership allude to the fact that the adoption of new technology, as well as the provision of the best services to the patients, are fundamental in meeting the desired objectives of the organization, mainly through the provision of quality services to the patients (Joseph, Taylor & Quan, 2017).


Most significantly, the organization is faced by the slow adoption of the new technology within the healthcare system. Information technology is essential in every healthcare system since they are the significant drivers of change within various health organizations. For instance, adoption of technology within the healthcare system contributes immensely towards enhancing clinical decision making, as well as boosting the communication between the clients and the healthcare providers, especially for patients that live in remote places (Joseph, Taylor & Quan, 2017).

Moreover, the integration of new technology in the healthcare system also contribute towards improved and reliable access to health information by the patients as well as a reduction in medical errors. Concisely, the adoption of the new technology in healthcare goes a long in improving the quality and access to healthcare services (Dennis, Wixom & Roth, 2018).

Furthermore, the healthcare organization faces the problem shortages of healthcare professionals such as nurses, doctors, thus having a cumulative challenge of long waiting hours for the patients. There is also poor management of the infrastructure within the health care system, thus posing significant problems in the standard delivery of health services to the patients.


Some of the recommended plans of actions for the organization include; the healthcare system should be more patient-focused. When the system is more patient-focused, it will make all the necessary initiatives to provide the best health care services to the patients (Dennis, Wixom & Roth, 2018).

Again, there should be the adoption of the best healthcare technologies within the healthcare system to improve the quality of the services offered to patients through improved communication between the patients and the health service providers (Joseph, Taylor & Quan, 2017). There should also be enough relevant healthcare professionals that are required for both acute and chronic illness among various patients. This should be based on the system theory, which champions for a holistic approach to the healthcare provision (Dennis, Wixom & Roth, 2018).

Action That Needs to Be Taken

Adoption of new technology in offering essential medical services to the patients. It is ethical that the patient obtains quality healthcare services that could be enhanced through the adoption of new technology in healthcare provision.

The healthcare system also ought to hire or employ more health professionals to boost the efficiency and the effectiveness of healthcare service provision (Joseph, Taylor & Quan, 2017). It is also ethical that the patients should obtain quality healthcare services from adequately trained professionals.

Action Plan

No. Action unit Cost Timeline

1 Purchase of modern medical-surgical equipment Six machines $ 60,000 3/4/2020-3/5/2020

2 Employment of surgical professionals Five professionals $100,000 3/5/2020- 3/6/2020

Total $160,000 Measurement

The benefits of the recommendations would be measured based on the number of patients attended to within a particular duration, say one month. An increase in the number of discharged patients, as well as inpatients, would denote improved efficiency and effectiveness in operation within the healthcare system through the adoption of the new technology and the employment of healthcare professionals (Dennis, Wixom & Roth, 2018).


Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H., & Roth, R. M. (2018). Systems analysis and design. John Wiley & sons.

Joseph, A., Taylor, E., & Quan, X. (2017). Creating Safer Healthcare Environments Using an Evidence-Based Design Process. In Planning and Designing Healthcare Facilities (pp. 83-94). Productivity Press.

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