Essay Example on Leadership: Motivating and Organizing People for Progression

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Date:  2023-01-04


Leadership entails progression whereby an individual impacts other people to achieve a set purpose and also oversees a group in a way that it becomes consistent and organized (Western, 2019). As a leader, it is important that one can motivate other people and build them up. Ward (2007) further explains that successful leadership is grounded on both borrowed and original ideas that when communicated to people, makes them engage and react exactly how their leader desires. Thus, the leader is the motivation and administrator of the accomplishment. Professional development refers to a broad range of expert training to improve the professional skills, efficiency, knowledge and capability of staff in an organization (Choate, Dubosarsky & Chen, 2018). Leadership and professional development go hand in hand in ensuring the growth of organizations.

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From the links shared, the webinar on '7 emerging trends reshaping leadership development' by Monica Bortoluzzi and Clemson Turregano stands outs as it speaks on both leadership and conjoins professional development in between. It has put down and explained several challenges and essential habits that are crucial in influencing future work habits. It also contains definite strategies that can be used to address the emerging trends mentioned in the discussion. Besides, it spells out the importance of professional development in a business and also puts into account imperatives and problems affecting workplace progress. The webinar was engaging with a lot of information on leadership and professional development. The speakers outlined seven key points which are further discussed below.

Accidental Leaders

Bortoluzzi and Turregano (2018) describe these leaders as contributors in an organization promoted to a leadership position. They argue that it is a wrong practice adopted in several businesses as a means to save cost on hiring procedure, and it is only with good guidance and support will these individuals perform accordingly. They further explain leadership in most cases require expertise regardless of seniority, age or level. That is the reason why some of the new appointments struggle with proficiency and interpersonal relationship due to lack of mentoring, peer support and training.

Change Endurance

This entails encouraging innovation and change in the business operations. Innovation will not only help in coming up with new strategies, but it is equally essential in keeping up to par with the competition. The most difficult part of organizational changes is employees adapting to a different way of doing things (Bortoluzzi and Turregano, 2018). They further explain that change initiatives are prone to fail due to several factors, including lack of resources and resistance from the workforce. However, when there is a commitment, good communication and collaboration (which are described as the three 'Cs' in leadership), it creates an effective environment to execute changes.

Digital Fluency

To ensure the current leadership skills and perceptions are still desirable in future, there is a need to link the generational divide. This can be through developing intentional tech-savvy leaders and workers by harmonizing the generational labour force strengths (Bortoluzzi and Turregano, 2018). Veteran professionals are more data-oriented and less technology driven as compared to the younger generation who are tech-driven and lack of essential leadership experience. Tech know-how and critical thinking go hand in hand and can be balanced by integrating joint learning with turnaround mentoring.

Embracing Disruption

This point elaborates on a leader's ability to take in new suggestions and ideas. It supports innovation and shows the need to embrace new ideas from other junior and senior employees. Bortoluzzi and Turregano (2018) were keen to explain the impacts of not embracing advancements, including a lack of tolerance to mistakes as some of the factors that make employees leave and look for new opportunities. Embracing disruption involves a shift from vertical to horizontal growth that will help in differentiating potential and highly proficient staff members through talent development.

Kicking Glass

This point was factored around creating a safe space for women in the professional world to get to top positions while appealing and maintaining them with professional growth opportunities. When organizations promote equality in the workplaces and observe policies and procedures that protect women, it will help in boosting the members of staff engagement, which in turn promotes balance (Bortoluzzi and Turregano, 2018).

Reimagined Reviews

An aspect that most leaders fail to acknowledge is good conversations and feedback from employees. Maintaining good relationships with employees helps in refining performance and management. Bortoluzzi and Turregano (2018) elaborate that the annual review makes it impossible to examine and measure an employee's merit and areas of improvement. It gave a wide timeline for errors and missed opportunities. They advocate for regular concurrent feedback from both ends that helps in personal growth and business growth, ensuring there is competition and the business mission is met. Adopting a coaching culture is also seen as a beneficial aspect for the business as an employee's abilities can be adjusted building trust, connection and growth

Culture Reboot

This refers to constant inventing and reinventing an organization's business models. It involves culture change in an organization once in a while, i.e. operational procedure. For culture change to be successful, it must involve good planning and strategies (Bortoluzzi and Turregano, 2018). In this entire process, it is important to emphasize the role of leadership, which cannot be undermined in locating gaps to facilitate the changes.

The content of this webinar is reflected in my present work whenever there is need to make significant changes. On normal operations at my workplace, there are changes that take place from time to time varying from the job description, leadership, technology and operations, among others. Just like it was presented in the webinar, these factors are unavoidable in every organization. Applying the knowledge gained in the webinar could help my organization develop a working culture that promotes equality and professional excellence. A good place to start is to reserve spaces for its female staff to develop professionally. Secondly, it can create an atmosphere where innovations are appreciated and staff members are at liberty to share new ideas.


In conclusion, the webinar was important in enlightening my knowledge on the different workplace characteristic and ethics that were presented. For instance, the staff reviews which are normally conducted yearly is a letdown in discovering staff potential throughout the year. It has clearly outlined the importance and impact of good leaders and leadership and the importance of professional development in an organization. Besides, the speakers' message is timely in my professional development. From the key points shared, the most important lesson I carry with me is coaching and learning to trade in the different skills I have as compared to my colleagues. I will also be able to find a way to influence my peers on how we can leverage and control technology used for the beneficial purposes of our organization.


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