Essay Sample on Management Development

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Date:  2022-10-14


A manager is someone who gets things done efficiently and effectively in an organization, with the help of others. Proper management shapes the direction of the organization. A good manager should have good leadership skills to steer the organization forward (Eisenberg et al., 2013). The idea that managers are born and not made is an issue that has been debated for a long time. This essay will research if it is possible to nurture a manager as opposed to the ideology that the management skill is innate.

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To start with, learning is a lifelong process. Our day-to-day experiences shape our behaviour. Similarly, even the best managers still learn something new in the management roles. Management comes along with the role of proper planning and providing leadership of the group. Engaging the manager in training on planning is the first tool for ensuring that management skills are sharpened (Bolden, 2016). Leading people in an organization calls for the manager to lead by example and motivate the juniors to work towards achieving this goal. Such skills cannot come easily without proper training.

In any project that a manager undertakes, understanding that the members have different mannerisms can help in building an interpersonal relationship with the other project members (Renz, 2016). This way, motivating and understanding each member can be vital in ensuring that the manager gets the most from each worker. Courses to build interpersonal relationships can teach the manager such skills.


In conclusion, education has helped in nurturing management because most universities offer courses in management and they play a great role in producing focused and goal oriented managers (Dachner & Polin, 2016). Although charisma is inborn, it is not enough in professional management (Dzwigol, 2017). The world demands skilled and professional managers who can ensure that all members work towards a common goal. Inborn management skills will only remain as an added advantage since management can be nurtured.


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