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Nehemiah is among the people in the Bible who have explicitly highlighted great leadership skills, that can be integrated into various forms of quality management. Nehemiah possesses various leadership skills, and these are evident in multiple verses in the Book of Nehemiah. Becoming an inspirational leader, it is essential to have particular personal characteristics, and one of them is training skills. Training skills in Nehemiah are evident in Chapter 4:13-14 when Nehemiah portrays the sense of this skill in him and how he fostered it in his people as well. He stationed people in areas that needed attention, and that they would perform well. Adequate training of other individuals mainly depends on the careful definition of the necessities of the work, and these are drawn from preliminary research conducted in the early stages of any undertakings (Dike, 2015). Once a leader has defined these, he or she can then select the assistants skilled in the particular areas that have been identified. It is these assistants that help in completing the task that a manager would have chosen to perform by himself.

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Delegation of Responsibilities and Authorities

The mentioned skill aligns with the ability to delegate responsibilities and authority. In Nehemiah 4:19-23, Nehemiah asks the nobles, the officials, and all the other individuals to join hands and guard the city as well as work together. He ensured that every person had a weapon and had a role to play. The delegation of authority and responsibilities helps in creating time and energy necessary in assisting the workers to be successful in their projects and finish it within the shortest time possible. This style of leadership is situational, and it relies on the task, the team's capabilities and the tools available (Mumford et al., 2000). Additionally, this skill is integral in creating teamwork because the staffs become more effective performers as it makes them feel like they are part of something bigger (Mumford et al., 2000). The skill establishes the sense of initiative, and help the team feel integral in the scheme of projects. Nehemiah possessed this skill and understood that he could not accomplish the desires of God by himself and thus always called the people to perform particular duties that would grant them success.

Management of Problems

The third skill displayed is considering threatening situations and handling it professionally. Nehemiah regularly faced opposition or challenges which would hinder the success of God's plan, but instead of just reacting to the situation, he handled them professionally. Nehemiah often assessed the threatening conditions that would keep his team from completing the work within the given time frame. Instead of fighting the challenge, Nehemiah he addressed the problem to have a clear picture of the opposing situation. A good leader, just like Nehemiah, understands the issues that might deter success and mess up with the deadlines and instead of folding under pressure, such leaders assess and address the problems in a manner that it does not affect the team. A good leader at all cost does not only involve himself in personal affairs but those that might affect his team as well (Dike, 2015), and this is a skill that Nehemiah showed on various occasions by often having favor in the eyes of the King. It is through such events that Nehemiah was always protecting the people of Israel. Nehemiah possesses excellent leadership skills because he is genuinely concerned with the welfares of the Israelites and God's above his own.


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