Paper Example on Mega Brands Exec's Concerns: Recalls, Safety, Children-Friendly Toys

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Date:  2023-05-21

If you were an executive of Mega Brands, what concerns would you express to the CEO about the Magnetix toy issues noted above?

As the executive of Mega Brands, the concerns I would express to the CEO include failure to follow the response of authorities regarding recalling the products. Another concern would be to put the safety and happiness of the clients first before releasing hazardous products to the market. The company should make children friendly toys instead of the ones that cause harm to the children to the extent of carrying out surgeries.

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If the CEO didn't pay any attention, what would you do?

If the CEO did not pay attention, then I would engage in situational awareness and read the body language of the CEO in getting his attention until he listens to the issue at hand (McNamara, 2012). Another way would be to sneak peeking upcoming presentations in the organization and talk about the issue related to what the company is currently facing.

Should the CPSC have more powers to deal with such hazards and companies? If so, what would they be? If not, why not?

Although CPSC has the responsibility of protecting client safety on using a certain product, it does not have more powers in dealing with such companies and hazards. It is ethical for a company to produce and sell products that do not have negative impacts on the consumers. Also, CPSC does not need more powers since companies should be responsible for all the activities they carry out in the organization as they mainly focus on minting money instead of considering the safety and health of targeted clients. Therefore, recalling the products is the best strategy used by CPSC.

Bausch & Lomb's Hazardous Contact Lens Cleaner Case Analysis

What lessons should be taken from B & L's Renu experience?

The first lesson to be taken from the experience of B & L is that minimizing or ignoring potential problems results in real dangers (Brooks, & Dunn, 2011). Also, at any given time, companies should put the health and safety of the consumers first when manufacturing a product. If their safety is not considered, then the issue might affect the company in the future in terms of revenue and sales of other products (Bazerman & Tenbrunsel, 2011). Furthermore, in most cases, management does make trade-offs among long run and short-run interests, and they should be made in considering the values and priorities of the company.

What should Zarrella have done, and when?

Zarrella would have recalled the Renu products immediately he realized that they were causing infections in protecting the company's brand.


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