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Date:  2022-05-23


Over the past years the war between Palestine and Israel has been growing, but few people have a clear idea of the origin of the conflict. Research by UN shows that 70 percent of the people who know of the conflict have no idea as to where the main source of the problem was. Palestine which is the name of the land causing all the conflict is the land that has brought about all the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians (Gelvin 75). The land is also referred to as the Land of Israel. It is the home for both the Israeli and the Palestinians. As the Israelis refer to the land as the Land of Israel the Arabs in the region refer to it as the land of Palestine. This has brought the unresolved conflicts between the people in the region. During the first millennium BCE, the land was owned by the Israelites but later lost the land to the Romans during the rise of the roman empire. Later in the 1800s the Jewish movement the Zionism proposed to return to their land but found the Ottoman Empire Arabs who had already inhabited the land (Gelvin 145). The Arabs are the current day Palestinians. This became the original source of the conflict as both parties wanted full control of the land. As seen over the years the causes of the conflicts have evolved and the enmity between the two parties has grown but with a keen observation and understanding of the current causes leading to the conflict it is possible for one to formulate a working agreement between the two parties.

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As seen in the introduction the main source of the conflict between the two parties has been over the Land that both Israelis and Palestinians have control over. Both parties feel that they legally have control over the land. The Israelis consider the land of Israel to be a holy land that was promised to them by God as their eternal inheritance. This has led to the notion the resettlement of the Israelis back to their land as part of Gods plan and mandate and they are willing to use all means possible to achieve this. The Zionists is one of the religion whose determination to there religion has greatly influenced many. On top of this several specific religious and historic sites are found on the land such as the Old City of Jerusalem, Western Wall, the Old City of Jaffa, the Sanctuary of Shiloh and the Caves of Machpelah among other sites (Peters et al., 121). All this give the Israelis the motivation to purse their goals to reclaim the land. On the other hand, the Palestinians have the same perception of the land that makes them want to hold on to the land as theirs. Just as seen with the Israelis the Palestinians have religious ties with the land such as the fact that Jerusalem is considered holy because of Muhammad ascending to heaven on the Buraq over Jerusalem's Temple Mountains (Peters et al., 133). With this out there both parties would wish to have full access to these sites as well as full control and to achieve this they feel that the opposing party comes in between them and their rightful possessions.

Over the past years the conflict has seen to it that multiple lives have been lost from both parties and this has intensified the fight between the two. The killing of Israelis by the Palestinians has aggravated the Israeli people and some extremist have vowed to avenge their loved ones. This has greatly shaped the cause of war between the Palestinians and the Israelis. In the attempts to avenge their loved ones this provokes the conflicts since the Palestinians are not willing to lose any of their loved ones as well (Peleg et al., 244).

On the other hand, the Palestinians have been also vouched to revenge the killings of their people by the Israeli. The Palestinians return this violence with more violence and once this happens a loop of nonstop violence between the two keeps growing. The hunt for blood as a means of revenging there fallen people between the two parties keeps growing as well due to the advancement of ammunition being accessed by the parties the conflict has greatly erupted to uncontrollable levels. This can be simply termed as retaliation killings and attacks. Each side tries to honour their fallen. As seen over the years each retaliation usually happens in a large scale than the actual offence. "one death results to the retaliation that leads to the death of 10" one can imagine if this would lead to another retaliation where the Palestinians retaliate by killing 20 more (Caplan). The never-ending loop of killings and attacks due to retaliations can never stop.

An over view of the main causes of the fight between the two parties shows the opinions and the stands of both parties. It is evident that both have solid reasons to back their claims over the land. But despite all this it is possible for one to see peace at the end of the line. Different attempts to resolve the fighting have been tried but the success of these missions have been limited (Peters et al., 343). Looking at the matter there are a few suggestions that would help resolve the conflict and have the parties on the same boat. A meeting with representatives from both sides an addressing the ownership of the land is the best approach towards resolving the conflict. Since the land cannot be replicated, it can be equally shared. This means that each party gets an equal share of the land that is free of the control of the other party.

This may sound an impossible thing to achieve but patience is highly required for such a solution. The Israelis can have control over there religious sittings and other regions within the land while on the other hand the Palestinians can also have control over there religious sites as well as other portions of the land.

Religious leaders play such a huge role in ensuring this happens (Gelvin 304). The negotiation meetings need to involve the religious leaders from both parties so as to have the religious perspective of the conclusion of the sharing. On the matters of revenge, the meeting should address this and request both sides to accept their wrong actions and take responsibility of these actions. By doing this the revenge fights will be ended since both parties will come to the conclusion that they have entirely affected the lives of each other but its now the opportune time to get over these atrocities and build their people.


As seen, the conflicts between the Israelis and Palestinians has grown over the past years and the main causes being over the land which one side sees as the rightful owners. The Palestinians seeing it as the land of Palestine while the Israelis see it as the land of Israel. Also, the retaliation attacks and killings have greatly magnified the conflict, others may have more reasons behind the conflict but its evident that the suggested solutions can greatly change the course of events between the parties. It is also acceptable that with patience and will pace will be found between Israelis and Palestinians. But the current problem being that none of the parties is willing to have both hence the conflict keeps escalating.

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