Paper Example on Innovative Elevator Speech

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Date:  2022-08-03


While writing and presenting my skills out loudly on my creativity and innovativeness as an entrepreneur, I felt empowered to be even more innovative and creative. However, the whole task was complex as it was not easy to explore my achievements. After my presentation to my friend and a professional in the field of business, I was able to get a positive feedback as they all believed that I had numerous desirable attributes and few shortcomings. The whole experience was humbling as I discovered the extent of my achievement and the hard work that I have input over the years. My audience also asked me a couple of questions and also share some insights about creativity and innovation. This has helped me be confident and thorough in my daily endeavours so that I can accomplish more through the implementation of the insights from my audience to become a better individual. In this article, I will share the empowerment gained and the various insights and questions from my audience.

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As mentioned earlier, I presented my elevator speech to two individuals: a professional and a close friend. This made me feel more empowered and motivated to be even more innovative and creative through the improvement and upholding my skills and abilities that I have gained throughout my professional journey. I came to the realization that I have always strived to think outside the box which has made it possible for me to come up with new ideas and try new things. Upon presenting these facts about myself out loud made me feel these are my strongest attributes of innovation and creativity and that I needed to uphold and improve them. My creativity and innovativeness have always been driven by the desire to come up with new products and services so that the word can be a better place for humanity. I realized that most of my innovativeness comes from the team that I interact with each and every day. Therefore, I felt more empowered and encouraged to interact more with the team members so that I can get more insights from them.

Questions And Insights About My Creativity And Innovation

My audience did not spare me as they asked me a couple of challenging questions. The most interesting question that caught my attention is; what makes me see what everybody else has seen and think what nobody else has thought? This question made me realize that I have the gift to look at a situation from the various perspective which is the basis of my creativity and innovativeness. I also came to establish that I have the ability to take note of the minute details that other people tend to ignore or miss. There were also insights gained from the feedback given by my audience. For instance, my audience encouraged me to input more time in advancing my creativity and innovativeness as the modern world needs professionals who think differently and are keen on new inventions. I was also challenged to ensure that I interact more with professionals in my field so that I can acquire knowledge and skills especially from those who have experience by being in the profession for many years. This can be made possible through my involvement in the numerous annual events that are held such as conferences, competitions and seminars. All these events encourage individuals to be more creative and innovative (Miller, 2017).


Miller, D. (2017). Business Express: Be Entrepreneurial: How to be innovative, creative and take successful risks. Pearson UK.

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