Paper Example on Importance of Operations Management to Career Path

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Date:  2022-06-19


Operations management is perhaps the most significant career path in an enterprise. This position is said to overlook all activities whose purpose work in line with the mission and vision statements of an organization ("Operations Management Career Brief", 2018). Therefore, ideal individuals for this career path essentially gain significant experience across the departmental organizational level in the policies development and execution process. In this case, operation management career path has critical functions in an enterprise. They include; managing quality of products, developing organizational budgets, implementing the organization strategies, and identifying and addressing organizational challenges ("Top 4 Careers for Operations Management Graduates", 2018). The operation manager should possess skills in business administration and management. In general Operation, management career is concerned with the transforming input in a corporation into the output. In the course of its execution, the operation manager performs oversight on the employees, technology and raw materials. There are four elements are said to influence production in an enterprise directly;

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The fundamental aspects of operation management consist of the business management skills whereby the ideal individual for this position undertake planning, controlling of budget and scheduling of activities to create high-quality products within the set constraints. The second element is the purchasing management whereby the ideal person is engaged in real accountability of the production input and output ("How to Become an Operations Manager - Career Advice", 2018). Nonetheless, this individual participates in negotiation with other organizations regarding raw materials and products. The operations manager thus builds the image and the brand of a company in the market. The third element of material management caters to the production process and the finished goods. The operation manager determines the channel of distribution of goods to the final consumers. Therefore, the manager identifies the time for a product to reach the customers in the market. Finally, the operation manager conducts research from the theoretical perspective and scrutinizes the operational activities and projects the organization's expectation ("Operations Management Career Brief", 2018). Furthermore, the manager presents a recommendation to an enterprise at the policy transformation towards achieving the competitive operational plans.

My Take On Pertain Management Career

Operation management is a significant career in influencing the better outcome in an organization. However, not all employees can build this career path. Attitude and character of an individual is a determinant for one to be productive in this career. Ideal personnel for the operation management position should possess excellent leadership skills and managerial techniques. Subsequently, the person should have good public relations with people. These skills could be acquired in the course of the organizational operations or inbuilt characters. Therefore, in the course of work, these ideal individual learn new things as they interact with employees. Finally, academic qualifications also contribute towards being innovative and strategist in the position as an operations manager. In this case, higher education beyond master level is significant in developing the good qualities in a person ("How to Become an Operations Manager - Career Advice", 2018).

Additionally, operation management post has been a significant position in corporations today. Firms have accommodated this position purposely to enhance productivity and competitive advantage. The operation managers usually possess qualifications accompanied by critical experience in handling the different task in an organization. In this aspect, the operation manager should be flexible, can adapt to any work environment and can manage varied workload under pressure. These are the driving forces during the hiring process of an operations manager ("Operations Management Career Brief", 2018).


In conclusion, operations management career path is a significant position n several organization scrutinizing in determining the best individual during the recruitment process.


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