Paper Example on Hawker 400XP and Mooney

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Date:  2022-05-09


The hawker 400xp is an aircraft which belongs to the twinjet corporate. It has been upgraded by companies such as Beech Aircraft Company, Hawker Beechcraft and Mitsubishi (Jet Advisors, 2016). Its primary role is to act as a business aircraft which can carry out several business operations at a go. It is known to offer services up to date, and therefore this reflects or instead respects its primary uses which are the flight options and travel management company. It was produced mainly during the 1978-2009 period whereby the companies produced about 951 aircraft to be useful to several people around the world (Jet Advisors, 2016). Its construction mainly entails pure metal, and hence its wings are designed to work better when directed by a computer which is operated by the two required crew.

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Its unit cost is about USD 7.4 Million and has a passenger capacity of 7-9. Its luggage capacity is described to be between 5850 lb. or rather 2653 kg. Its cruise speed is 443 knots or 171km/h, 106 mph and this is within the full laps that it undertakes. Its range is about 1,693nmi or 3,135 km, 1,949 mi only at 45,000 ft or 13,700 m. The aircraft only requires two members of the crew who are capable of taking care of all their delegated responsibilities. It has been said to fly for over three hours in normal flights whereby the crew is in charge. During the first fight, it can burn up to 680 kg of fuel while in the second burn around 540 kg of fuel (Jet Advisors, 2016). The aircraft requires an average of 4,485 feet runway length.

On the other hand, Mooney aircraft was founded in the year 19289 by a person known as Albert Mooney (Niles, 2008). Its origin is from China, but currently, its headquarters are based in Texas in the United States. It also markets other types of aircrafts such as M2OU Ovation Ultra and M2OV Acclaim Ultra. It is therefore described to be under the light aircraft, and for this, it celebrates its several achievements which were attained out of its engine which was produced under its management. Its developer Albert started working at the age of 19 at a company known as the Alexander Aircraft Company whereby he attained and learned so many skills which improved his knowledge in the production of an aircraft engine (Niles, 2008).

Mooney has a unit cost of US$ 690,000 and US$ 770000, that is, for M2OU Ovation Ultra and M2OUAccalim respectively. Its only requires a single member of the crew and a total capacity of only three passengers. Its runway length is 36ft 6 in (11.125m) and luggage capacity of 3380 lb. or 1533 kg. Its cruise speed is 242 knots, 278 mph, or 447 km/h. Its range is 1100nm, 2037 km or 1266 mi (Niles, 2008).


In conclusion, Mooney and hawker 400xp are still in production because they are being used to develop the economy of the United States. Mooney is believed to be the production states while hawker 400xp is supposed to be in the business field. Therefore, both aircraft are still used up to date and they both suit to be in the production and business fields respectively. Hawker 400xp meets hypothetical travel needs such as offering its crew business opportunities which enable them to develop their operations and earn more. On the other hand, the Mooney is helpful to travel needs as its crew can benefit from the production sectors.


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