Paper Example on Existence of Ghosts

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Date:  2022-05-16

Thesis Statement: There is available evidence based on research done by paranormal investigators showing that ghosts do exist.

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Did you know that a significant portion of the population believes in the existence of ghosts? With the common belief that our existence does not end when we die but merely changes form, it is a wonder pessimist readily deny the existence of another form of life. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only change from one form to another. Our life, our being is a form of energy. When people die, it is only logical to assume our energy changes from one form to another. Most cultures across the world believe in the form of life after death. The only confusion is in the form that it takes.


Argument A

Claim: Souls have weight

Evidence: Dr. MacDougall conducted a study on 10th April 1901 on six dying patients. The patients were placed on special scales before they died. The results of four patients indicated an unexplained loss of mass just after loss of life occurred (Harper, 2018).

Argument B

Claim: Ghostly sounds have been recorded.

Evidence: Dr. Colvin was able to record sounds produced by ghosts with the aid of advanced acoustic technology. According to him, the waveform was completely different from the sounds produced by people, animals, or indeed anything in our physical world (Colvin, 2010). They were ghostly.

Argument C

Claim: There is photographic proof of the existence of ghosts.

Evidence: In 1936, a picture of the 'Brown Lady of Raynham' which is believed to be the image of the ghost of Lady Townsend was captured. The ghost is believed to haunt the Raynham Hall in England (Amundsen et al., 2013).

Argument D

Claim: There are many reports of haunting which points to the existence of Ghosts

Evidence: A UK study of haunted locations by Dr. Paul Stevens, a psychologist, gives proof of the existence of haunting. In his research, he was able to record a variation in the magnetic field in the places that were considered haunted (Stevens et al., 2003). In collaboration with Professor Wiseman Richards and other UK psychologists, they were able to record this phenomenon in Hampton Courts Palace and the South Bridge Vault in Edinburg (Wiseman et al., 2002)


Argument A

Claim: Ghost exist in our surrounding

Evidence: Advanced acoustic technology and visual indication are some of the proof of the existence of ghost (Stevens et al., 2003). Furthermore, in the United Kingdom, where the number of people believing in ghosts is more than those who believe in God (Robin, n.d.). Such a trend cannot be overlooked.

Argument B

Claim: The existence of ghosts is the spiritual explanation of haunting

Evidence: If scientist may claim that the 'ghost' is the way of the mind to interpret an environmental change such as increased magnetic field, what is the cause of the shift from normal (Steiger, 2012). It is contradicting to acknowledge that haunting exists and yet disapprove the existence of ghosts!


A: If the existence of ghosts can be backed with numerous substantial evidence, many skeptics would believe that ghost stories are not just mythical creations.

B: By developing scientific evidence of this phenomenon, many people, who believe in ghost but are ashamed to proclaim that in public, can now share their beliefs. While many people claim that ghosts do not exist, they are still scared to spend a night in a haunted house (Robin, n.d.).


To convince a broader audience about the existence of ghosts, more scientific research into the paranormal should be conducted. An investigation into the idea of afterlife and souls should help shed more light on this subject.


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