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The presentation on problem management will focus on Egan's Three Stages of Problem Management and will also be aided by Acantha's case. The presentation will be done through team meeting and would be administered by the head of the counseling department. As the head of the counseling department at the higher tertiary institution, my main duty is to ensure that all issues which have arisen are tackled and are not to reoccur again. The meeting is essential for all departmental heads in the institution, staff leaders, student leaders and representatives from the administration. Team meetings provide members' with an environment where they can support and encourage each other. Another benefit of the team meeting is that it creates a platform where feedback can easily beget. A disadvantage attributed to team meetings is a lot of valuable time is wasted on endless discussions which could be put into use. The last disadvantage is that team meetings have a high probability of disagreements which can eventually result in jealousy in the group.

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The client is a student at the tertiary institution who had been sexually violated after a football game. She feared that she was pregnant. The student faces a predicament in how to go about life in the event that she is pregnant. In advising the client she should first go and get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and later on do a pregnancy test. If she is pregnant she has the option of keeping the fetus to full term or terminates the pregnancy. This will depend upon the religious inclinations of the client as Catholics do not agree to the abortion.

Egan's Three Stages of Problem Management is meant to equip individuals with the ability to effectively gain control over one's problems and challenges (Riggall, 2015). This process does not guarantee one hundred percent that people's problems and challenges will be fully resolved but helps people discern their full prospects. This warrants individuals to gain superiority in taking care of themselves in their day to day lives. The three stages are acting, explore and understand. The person administering this problem management model should be very knowledgeable in all three stages for it to effectively work. In addition, Egan's Three Stages of Problem Management becomes an exertion of autonomy and emancipation as well (Egan & Reese, 2018). Thus the individual is essential to the process and their wants fuel it by shifting the individual in the direction of the doing which leads to options. Egan's Three Stages of Problem Management operates as a manual, drawing a voyage of self-realization and self-discipline as the individual considers his/her choices with the help of a helper. The helper's technique is rooted in sincerity, honor, compassion, and standards of sound and diligent listening (Riggall, 2015).

Stage one: provide a safe area for the client to tell her story and also be validated. Stage two: this stage is about empowering the client to be able to open up and say the true desires of their heart. This stage is essential in renewing the energy and giving hope to the client. Stage three: this is the "how" stage. In the "how" stage the client will be seeking to move towards her goals and in this journey, she will be developing the strategies required to commence the voyage. In stage one, the most likely question to be asked is what the problem is? In response here the problem is that the client is too young to be pregnant and is asking for help in going about the issue. In the second stage, it will be what the wants of the client are? In response here, the client has some desires in her heart that he would wish to come into fruition


Finally, the third question is who might be of some help? In response here, the environment that is directly and indirectly linked to the client is taken into account and see whether there are individuals who can be of help.


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