Paper Example on Effects of Popular Culture on Technology

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Date:  2022-07-17


Popular culture has had some influence on the way technology changes. As people got busy, so did the way they interacted. People did not have enough time to socialize as everyone was busy doing their things. The popular culture played a role in influencing the growth of social media networks where people could interact and even date.

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Three Technological Products That Have Changed Our Lives

Human beings have invented new products at an alarming rate over the years. The technological advancements have had an influence on our social and economic situations.

Robotic Technology

Robots have changed the way people operate especially in the manufacturing sectors. Most companies are using Artificial intelligence in their organizations to increase efficiency and reduce the time that a product is produced. The effect of this invention has had both negative and positive results. The positive aspects of robotic technology are the increase in the quality of goods produced.

Companies are able to produce more goods in a short period and with minimum wage cost. The result of this technology is an increase in profits which translates into more dividends for the investors. Unfortunately, the robotic technology has also contributed to the loss of thousands of jobs. Since companies aim at making as much money as possible, the introduction of machines that can work faster than humans have seems people opting for robots than humans who have limited capabilities.

The Invention of the Smartphone

Just like the robots, smartphones have brought with them both positive and negative effects both socially as well as economically. It is possible for a person from a long distance to communicate with another and even send pictures within a short period. Unlike in the old days when communication was slow and expensive, smartphones have made communication easy, fun and it is affordable.

However, the same technology has had its negative aspects. People are now addicted to their phones and have poor communication skills. People have changed the way they socialize with many people using online platforms to talk to friends and family. The technology has made people antisocial, and it is possible to see individuals sitting next to each other glued to their phones without recognizing the person sitting next to them. The positive economic benefits of smartphones are that the product has been able to bring economic prosperity to many people. There are platforms where people can create applications and sell them, therefore, making money.

The Internet

The internet is yet another product that has changed both our economic and social situations. The advent of the internet has negatively and positively affected the economic and social fronts. People are increasingly shopping online rather than going to shops as was the case during the old days. The growth of online shopping has given consumers a wide range of options to choose from while at the same time providing a platform for sellers to reach millions of people with minimal expense.

The internet has also made it easy for people to invest especially those interest in the stock market. People are able to trade online and make money in the comfort of their homes. However, the internet has also brought challenges such as cyberbullying which has caused distress to many people. The internet has also brought about issues like cyber terrorism and cyber crimes which affects many people.

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