Paper Example on Deploying HRM on AWS: Reliability, Capability, Cost-Effectiveness

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Date:  2023-09-17


Company's seeking to deploy and leverage the benefits of an HRM application usually focus on three major factors, reliability, capability, and costs effectiveness. Amazon web services promise higher capability and high-reliability systems hosted in an inexpensive cloud s platforms. In this project, the researcher explores some of the intricacies of developing and deploying or hosting their HRM application suite on the AWS.

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Aspects of AWS would be relevant for the planned cloud-based systems development

Creating an application that would be fully functional and efficient is a task that requires precision and a lot of input following the software development lifecycle (SDLC) with a lot of module integration. Aspects of the AWS such as compute, databases, infrastructure management, application development, and security are important for the deployment of the cloud-based spruces. The company will need a system that can offer maximum throughput, minimum downtime, and is highly scalable. The process of deployment can be described as the creation of software applications that can run on a mobile device by using the typical mobile application to work with remote computing resources. It is therefore a process that requires the installation of software bundles, implementation of backed services such as data access with an API, and most importantly putting the application to test on the target devices. However in this case it requires developing a cloud-based system in the AWS for data storage among many other uses that the company might want in the future. The company will benefit from the IaaS model to avoid the challenges that companies with owning a cloud service. By using the AWS infrastructure and platform, the company will benefit from the instant provisioning by Amazon.

AWS is comprehensive in software development platform providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals. It is therefore an evolving cloud computing platform under Amazon that deals with mixing infrastructure as service and platform as service. In other cases, some people would prefer going for the packaged software as a service. Although AWS has been recognized primarily as infrastructure as a service, it can also be categorized platform as a service since most of the services available can be compared to Infrastructure as a service. Most of these services are however similar and one can decide to apply any that would best suit the situation. In this case, the company would need a platform as a service in their application since the data they would be receiving from the various applications would be massive. To add to that, there would be various people accessing the site at the same time that would lead to technical difficulties that would be uncalled for.

Aspects of AWS could be used to support HRM application development

Many applications are built with storage systems that allow for the storage and access of files system. The amazon bucket storage and Amazon Cloud Watch are mainly designed for HRM application deployment to the cloud. This type of storage is therefore often supported with network servers. File storage is ideal for use in cases where there are large files, development environments, and even media houses (Cornetta, Mateos, Touhafi, and Muntean, 2019). AWS shared responsibility comes in handy at this point since it would require you to be in charge of certain control aspects to the network with the condition that you must still feed your data and store it on the cloud. It is therefore highly recommended to use the principle of least privilege as part of the user’s responsibility for the use of AWS Cloud Storage (Giannakopoulos, Konstantinou, Tsoumakos and Koziris, 2018). It would be obvious to mention that only those who need to access the files should have access. To add on that, the read and write access should also be separated and controlled for security purposes.

General scheme of work to be carried out with AWS

While developing such software that would require access by thousands without giving them access to the AWS Management Console, the company would require putting up policies for the users such that there is regulated access to other parts of the whole application. To set up such an application one would require going through a process to ensure efficient software with minimal challenges (Tihfon, Kim and Kim, 2016). To begin with, the company would need to put up an AWS Cloud by creating the Amazon Cognito User Pool domain name. Second, you would require IAM permissions for the use of the cloud in the first place (Mukherjee, 2019). Other services include the configuration of the text analysis schemes. Creating key pairs to access the virtual machines is a very important instance before entering the code deploy console and launching the virtual machine.

With the option to download the company’s sample bundles, it becomes easy to deploy the application. The bundle will allow information reviews to understand the application’s revision that could be deployed to the EC2. This intended files will be the application revision or an archive file with the source code, web archives, and a wide range of clips and executable files. (Ram, Tirupati and .P.V.S, 2011). It will be easy for the code deploy to map the source files.


Therefore, one would need to create a Dynamo table known as a workspace portal with a primary key called a workspace. Finding the lambda function instances would be the fourth step. The lambda should either use the code with the Runtime: Python 3.6 settings to avoid any complications. The fifth step would require you to get a list of workspace instances for all the users. This would help the application whether the caller is an end-user, an administrator, or both so that it would know how to go about the situation. The next step would be acting on workspace instance to call the workspace API operation to act as requested by the user. The eighth step would be to configure the already created content so that there different groups to which the users belong. This would ensure that all the users are categorized accordingly for the issuance of the passage to the other parts the end-users have been denied access to. The API Gateway definition would be the final step. Since we used the AWS Cloud formation it means that the portal would now be ready since the server does this automatically.


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